Tuesday, November 25, 2008

♥ Oyen's HimeGyaru Makeover Tutorial!♥

Yay! I've made a tutorial... xD
(Click pictures for the actual size)
HimeGyaru Inspired and a bit toned down... This makeup tutorial is also applicable for makeup newbies and practical!


Ever heard of the classic rag curling? It's so cheap, lasts longer and healthy! NO Heat at all!
All you need is an old t'shirt or whatever and cut them to form long strips-like what
I did in the picture.

This is a bit tricky for the first time, but once you master it-its easy! Remember, the thicker the strands of hair you tie, the bigger the curls, the thinner the tighter. You can use pomade/clay or whatever before you tie your hair with rags.

If you want to see actual video of rag curling, watch this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpjtzdhGgBY


First step is always start with a clean face, tone and moisturize biggrin.gif

I love this toner <3333>

Put on Circle Lens!

I only use BB Cream as foundation

Concealer! Notice I didn't use extra stuff like primer and stuff, I'm too lazy and I'm saving money xD This will do

Then just dust on face powder to keep the concealer and BB cream long lasting

Contouring, I used this blush to contour my cheeks, I love it, works well as bronzer too-very pretty colors!

Eye makeup now...nothing special..I just used grey as the base color and dark grey at the outer corner of the lids. Just blend well.

Liquid Eyeliner! I love my liquid eyeliner <333 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://i36.tinypic.com/2j5f6rk.jpg">

So yeah, just line your eyes like that- I have double eyelids that disappear when I open my eyes x.x
You can make it thick or thin

url those lashes! Guess what by the way..DHC Eyelash toner works! they grew longer in 1 week now. I used to have non existing lashes even on the bottom. It works for me!

Put on mascara- the thicker the better because we are trying to emphasize big eyes tongue.gif

White eyeliner on your bottom waterline ONLY - whatever you call it.

And then draw black eyeliner at the bottom of your bottom waterline LOL

And then put mascara on your bottom lashes! I used a different mascara since it has smaller brush.

Add a touch of pink blush on the apples of your cheek for the cute effect xD

Of course, just like other Gyaru makeup-you highlight the bridge of your nose.
I just used a white eyeshadow to save money.

To highlight the face, I used a white shimmer powder with little amount. It looks pretty when light hits your face

Lipstick topped with lipgloss! When you put the lipgloss, just pat the gloss at the middle of your lips-not all over.

♥Release the curls!!!♥

Okay I think I left them long enough to curl by now..

Beautiful Curls without damaging your hair! Then experiment with the style smile.gif


I just used a light pink nail polish with silver glittered polish as tip xD Looks as girly as those Himegyaru nails without the 3d nails arts xD

♥And we're done!!! Camwhore, Camwhore!♥


yda said...

thanks for this tutorial!

miemiemie said...

where did you buy your circle lenses?:)

clear♥wing said...

You're welcome girls :) I buy my lens from


CinCin said...

Lovely! Thanks so much.

Can you tell me which concealer you used?

Anonymous said...

what brand of white eyeliner did u used??

Chama said...

I am not one to put on tons of makeup, but this was interesting to see, for any future ideas and inspiration! (^ o ^) Haha, you are pretty~ But I want to see you without makeup too! D: Oh, and I really want to try white/silver eyeliner ... I love big eyes. ^-^ The contacts are awesome too, but I don't know how you could put those big things in your eyes .... I'M SCARED OF THEM! >_<

Keziah Ann said...

wow i love ur hair color! what kind of hair dye can you recommend to achieve this kind of color??

Marlénè said...

Wow! I know this tutorial is a bit dated, but it was very informative! I had never heard of curling it that way - I am trying it tonight. I hope it turns out well! ^_^

Dollface said...

love love this tutorial. thanks sis.. kala ko japanese / korean ka. pinay ka pala.hehe

Dollface said...

love love this tutorial. thanks sis.. kala ko japanese / korean ka. pinay ka pala.hehe

Maile said...

That's really creative. I love Japanese fashion. I scan Popteen and Pop Siter magazines for ideas.