Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ordered Wig from Gabal Story :)

Wee, I ordered A Gabal Story wig (Korea) from Soompi, and its gonna take a month or so for me to receive it, its either I'll get this style or the second style..color brown or red brown... But I am hoping to get this one. :)
The seller said that cold water is most recommended for washing these type of wigs, the curls and style are permanent, they aren't heat resistant so it is forbidden to blow dry and use hot tools on them... Though they are high quality and look really natural in real life, you can style them, put them in pony tail, pigtails, trim or whatever as long as there's no heating involved.Love the curlsss!!! <3 I ordered this red brown color or if there's none, Brown.
This is my second option, the one that they'll get me incase the first one is out of stock already...

Looks really cute,eh? I want the Brown one though and I am not a fan of the bangs but I can side swept it if I want :)

So natural looking! I won't even have to spend my time styling my hair haha!

Can't wait!!!!