Saturday, November 29, 2008

<3 GUESS and a great find at Greenhills xD

I'm not so fond of bags because I hate bringing one when I go, but whenever I see GUESS bags on the mall... I go o.O Wow, I love their bags most especially! So mom gave this to me xD

I looove it!

Made of great material, nice color and its just the right size for me ^__^

But I don't think I'm going to start collecting bags just because of this... Being a bag collector is just so expensive.

I prefer people giving me bags instead haha!

Last time we went to GreenHills, I found this very cute case that I can use for my camera... It's only the last stock and my niece saw it first and she wanted it also badly!

But just because I am awesome I got it >:B

I got it for only Php50.00! Bwahaha!

It's blue like My Sony T2 (Blue) Camera, xD Great fit and it always looks so new!

I should stop by at greenhills on our next visit to Manila for more great finds.


Anonymous said...

hahaha! i am the NIECE she mentioned on her blog!

actually, i am rummaging all the celphone/ipod cases in a certain stall in greenhills (parang ukay-ukay) when i found this one and another ipod case for oyen's... so i asked my cousin (Mark) to bring her there to check those stuff!

i showed her the pink ipod case, but her eyes were glued on my blue celphone case! she grabbed it from me and said she'll just try if her digicam will fit. and whoala! perfect fit!

"this is mine now!" says Oyen after knowing that's the last stock they have.

since Oyen is claiming that she-is-"awesome", i just gave it to her! but honestly speaking---she's not! Because she's a spoiled aunt who has a special power to let people love her tremendously!

anyway, i guess i'm an angel with halo above my head! hahaha!

clear♥wing said...

Yes, yes you are an angel!