Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hurricane Brown and Grey Lenses plus Stuff

GEO Hurricane Brown and Grey Lenses from Dull to Doll!

<3 Sponsored lenses by Valerie of Dull to Doll, she is so sweet!

These lenses are perfect for me, they are vibrant, subtle but noticeable. And with my smallish eyes- 14.00 diameter is just right for me. The enlargement effect is natural. Larger lenses make me look like an alien. These lenses are comfortable just like any other GEO lenses I have. Doesn't dry out my eyes and you can barely feel them on. Their pattern even looks amazing up close and very natural looking from afar.

I am trying to improve my makeup (contouring, etc) especially the eyebrows, I've kind of mastered the "korean" eyebrows shaping xD

Been using my mom's skin care line Elisse on my face because I had breakouts and now my skin looks better. I've hardly ever retouched my skin on these photos! It's amazing! ♥

What my face is wearing on these photos:
Other makeup products that I've used are from local brands.

Prettia Platinum Beige Review

Hello everyone! This is a review about the Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Dye in Platinum Beige.
It is a nice ashy light brown color that I've always wanted to try.

It's been a month since I've dyed my hair with this product and I must say that it gave me a very good result! It may not be the exact shade that the model is wearing in the box, but its pretty close! :D
During the early process of application, I really doubted that it will cover all of my thick hair. But as the application of the foam goes on- its really easy breezy! I would love to use the same dye product again because it is very very easy to use, no hassle at all. xD
The dry feeling of the hair after its been wash is minimum-can be treated by daily conditioner.
And the color looks great and even.

Photo of my hair a day after its been dyed:

After 4 weeks:
I must say that as time goes by, the color gets ashier and ashier which is really cool! XD
Prettia has a very pretty wide range of shades to choose from: