Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Revlon Colorsilk Strawberry Blonde

2 weeks ago, I colored my hair with Revlon Colorsilk Strawberry Blonde.
I thought coloring it in lightest color available will lift my hair more.

So this is the color result after I applied it:

My hair didn't feel damaged at all. And the color barely faded away, I like it :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tutorial: Eurasian Look w/ Nude Lipstick

Hello everyone, I am back with a new easy tutorial. This look is called Eurasian with Nude Lipstick so it involves colored circle lenses, a little effort on eyes and cheeks and simple nude lipstick so that it won't look overdone.
You don't have to be really good with makeup for this. Just follow the easy steps :)These lenses, I believe are EOS.. but unfortunately I forgot the code because I threw the bottles too quickly. Anyway, they don't give enlargement that much and are pretty honey brown colors-the ones that I've been searching for. They match with my haircolor xD
I still love this Baby Skin base because I don't have anything else, haha!
I used a concealer from Revlon, its not too heavy and has sheer coverage-one that I am looking for for a concealer because I look weird having like no eyebags at all Lol
I like this whipped foundation alot because it glides on very smoothly, light and it has a pleasant smell.
Dusting on Loose powder after applying liquidish foundation keeps it in place.
This is my favorite blush on...yet! Its cheap, has pretty colour and it stays on for long hours!
I bought these purple brush set off ebay. I am not pro with brushes though but I love this set because they have pretty colour, they are soft and no hairs left on my face whenever I use them :)
I like working with eyebrow shadows and brush because for me they're easier to work with.
I love this eyeshadow, its very cheap! Like P60 only hehe, from Fashion21.
This gel eyeliner, is my first gel eyeliner and it doesn't work with me as it easily get smudged.

I love this mascara! I love its applicator, perfect for my thin/short lashes.Close up pictures!
My hair's growing fast, this length is 3 and a half months in the making ever since I had it cut just below the ears xD

Monday, August 2, 2010

Update Update Upcoming Upcoming

Been a long while since I posted my last umm post lol, anyway I'll be posting 2 makeup tutorials this week or next (something to do with purple and golds), lenses reviews, makeup reviews and other stuff that I bought and haven't got the chance to post something about them hehe!

By the way, I would just like to promote my TShirt Business! My family started it a few weeks ago, we have indie shirts (personally designed by me) you can also ask me to design your shirt provided you give me details. So we basically do personalized shirts too!

Please visit our Facebook Page.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Evolution of My Cat

This is my kitty, Pepper. (Persian, dilute calico color)
I got her as a gift :)

Look how cute she is!!! XD

When she was a baby kitty with her sibblings xD
So cute like a stuffy toy!
Her fur was thin compared to other persian kitties

Fur starting to get fluffy!
Getting chubbier! xD
She's the sweetest thing xD
This is her default grumpy snobbish look xD

My Short Hair Grows So Fast! Woah and Nails!

Hi guys!
As you all know I cut my precious hair because it got damaged (disaster perm) it surprises me how fast its growing now. I already got rid of the damaged ends.
I'm starting to like my short hair now because its so easy to manage, saves shampoo and conditioner, perfect for summer and its a good hair change for a while. I think everyone can pull it off with some considerations first.
If you are planning to cut your hair shorter ( I mean like above the shoulders short length)
There are things you must consider:

1st, determine your face shape which short haircut will suit you, there are different types like blunt, equal length cut, layers, etc
2nd, don't just go to any salon that offers shampoo/haircut/blowdry for a low price-they usuall end up not good you can tell once you already shampooed your hair and airdried it. The only two persons I trust when it comes to my haircut is my mom and this person at Ystillo Salon. I rely on my mom for simple hair trimming and to the salon for serious haircut. I only cut my bangs.
3rd. Short haircuts usually will look great on people with thick luxurious hair, but it will still depend on the haircut.
4th, to complete the change, colour your hair! Yey xD

My tips wont help that much, but if you are encountering the same problem like mine. Don't waste expensive hair products to revive your super damaged hair, maybe its time to consider cutting your hair off and let the new hair grow healthily -not committing the same mistakes before.

By the way, yehey for us who live in Pampanga, Etude House just opened at SM Pampanga @ Department Store, Im not expecting they'll be putting alot of stuff for sale because its just inside the department store, but still its great news LOL

My online sister is always so generous to supply me with Etude House products LOL.
I am also addicted to nail art now, I started growing out my nails again as soon as I grad from my Baking Class. I got Konad Stamping Nail Art as Bday Gift xD


Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Hair Extensions

Sorry, I was in a hurry haha, excuse the messiness :P

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hair Extensions!

Sorry for not updating much! XD
So my extensions arrived 2 days ago they arrived so quickly,
Disadvantage of getting them online was the color didn't match my hair at all totally not what I expected! I had to dye them darker to match the darkness of my hair, so far the color is closer to my real hair. But I chose the one with the highlights on, so that when its clipped on my real hair, I will have instant highlights yeah!

But they still need to be colored to achieve the little copper tint of my hair. whew~ Maybe next week I will do that, I'll let them rest for now.

They are also originally 20 inches long, but had to trim them coz they were too long for me, they're 18 inches now. I also had to cut my hair a little bit more. I had to get more layers for the extensions to blend and to trim off my dry ends. xD

My real hair now (I know its so short >.<, its been damaged) My hair extensions
When your hair is short, and you are planning to wear clip ons, its better if they are wavy than straight- so it will camouflage your short hair much better. I curled mine using rollers, left them overnight. Human hair extensions, although you can apply heat on them, I'd rather not xD

Pictures with them on, SPAMMM!
You can totally notice the difference of the color between my real hair and the extensions.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My EOS Circle Lenses Review 8D and latest photos spam...>:B

Dolly Eyes Grey
Comfort: 4/5 Not really comfortable, though I observed that these lenses are very softtt I mean like, when u put in on finger, they stick to your finger entirely. You kno what I mean? XD
(Update) After a while of getting used to them, I realized it was just my solution. They're quite comfortable now.
Color and Pattern: 4/5 At first,they a little bit bold, especially without makeup on. They'll do great on cosplays, clubbings or whenever you feel like looking like a doll.
Enlarging Effect: 4/5 I have to correct my review on Soompi, these lenses enlarge.
You can see, without makeup on-they look freakish lol

EOS Flower Brown
Comfort: 5/5 Super comfortable, I wore it for more than 8 hours during my graduation. I didn't even had the time to soak them in fresh solution for 6 hours. I totally disregarded that, as soon as I got my hands on this pair.
Color and Pattern: 5/5 I love the Chocolatey and honey vibrant brown color on them and the tiny bits of greys are very interesting to look at.
They enhance the eyes beautifully, not too flashy unlike the tri tone lenses but they still give that pretty interesting look. I think many people can pull off these lenses.
Enlarging Effect: 3/5 very subtle enlarging effect, 14mm diameter. But still I love them biggrin.gif
I think they look great with or without eye makeup. They are my current favorite!

EOS G202 Grey
Comfort: 5/5 Comfortable despite the fact that they are my first bigger lenses.
Color and Pattern: 5/5 They are like Geo Angel Greys, but bigger and thicker black ring, they are very dolly.
I can't say they are natural in person but that's why I like them biggrin.gif The vibrance isn't as noticeable as the Dolly Greys.
Enlarging Effect: 5/5 They're huge xD 14.5mm that's why I recommend it if you want dolly look xD