Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That White Baby Powder Should GO!

I remember putting Baby Powder on my face during elementary and highschool days. xD Me and my friends would often go to the CR and put some using our hands. In highschool, (I don't know if this only occurs in the Philippines though) it's like a must have on every girl's grooming kit.

Right now, it's so weird. I remember using a compact face powder in highschool and the girls all went..."Uyy dalaga na.." they would really tend to tease you a lot if you use a compact face powder. As for me, I've learned then that putting that white baby powder on your face using hands is very "unhygienic". But due to my classmate's never ending teasing whenever we go to the CR, I went back using baby powder again. Err.

But what's bothering me now is.. "OMG! It's still happening." Yeah, it's still happening... It sucks because girls don't have any idea how bad it looks on face- all cakey and white. Especially for girls who have darker complexions.. it's really weird seeing them with white bits of powder on their face asking "Makapal ba?".

Giiirrrlllsss, please stop using it! It's not for face, its unhygienic, and doesn't match your skintone. There are a lot of compact face powder that has a proper applicator around that you could switch on to.

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ĴůĽ|ĕ Ting Zhao Ying said...

Oh dear! Never heard of girls putting this stuff until I read this post!

It doesn't happen around my place here.