Thursday, March 19, 2009

YAY My Slouchy Beret just arrived

I bought this on Ebay... last November 13 from Thailand. I've been looking for this kind of hat (slouchy beret they call it?) in Philippines for like forever and finally decided to buy online. It costed me 700Plus pesos with the shipping fee already. And today it arrived, its soooo cute!
I'm planning on getting more of this kind of hat, different colors and styles... The Ebay seller has lotsss of lovely cute hats! So I got to take its picture on me xD.

Do you like hats like me? I love them! Here's few reason why hats are cool:

1.) It doesnt really matter if its summer or cold season... It protects your hair/head from the sun. And during cold seasons... They keep you warmer.
2.) They come in different styles, colors and kinds that can make you look a little cuter/cooler/better. LOL
3.) If you are having a bad hair day they come in handy :D
4.) They just never get old!
5.) If your outfit is too simple, put on a funky hat! xD