Saturday, November 29, 2008

My 2008 Christmas Wishlist

YAY~ Christmas is coming to town and I hope Santa too!
So, these are the things that I would like to receive this Christmas.
I already got what I wanted, I've been saving up for Sony T2 Blue and now I got it.

Knee high socks.. (Not the striped ones)
Over the Knee high socks...
Big Pretty Box for my makeup
Nail Polish (Bright Colors)
Anything cute!

I'm getting addicted to Circle Lenses!!!

As of now... I have 7 pairs and I started buying circle lens just last October.

So I will tell you how it all started... I was looking at some youtube makeup tutorial videos and I really got interested at those makeup tutorials for asian monolids (asian girls with no double eyelid) on how to make them appear bigger as in "anime-like"

So yeah, I got there... and then I heard about these Ulzzangs (means Best Face in Korea) Ulzzangs are like Internet Idols. They are really pretty like (I wish I was an ulzzang xD In my dreams) So yeah, I heard that they use eyelid glue (to create double eyelid) and circle lenses (they are like contact lenses but they are actually bigger than the diameter of your iris-the main purpose is to make them appear bigger and brigter and more open-sounds interesting right)

So yeah! I went to google and typed 'circle lens' and I saw these pretty Korean Girl who wear them and then I got into Soompi Community Forum, I signed up and I've been lurking on their Circle Lens Thread - show casing circle lens review and gallery and stuff. And I was like... man, I feel so frustrated, where am I gonna get these lens because I am sure that they don't sell these at the Optical shops. But eventually - because I am just pure awesome and everythings so good on me, I got to have them! xD

These are my lenses as of now:

GEO CK 105 -- newest and I LOVE THEM
GEO Twins Blue
GEO Twins Green
GEO Nudy BLue
GEO Nudy Green
GEO Honey Wing
GEO Ash Wing
Skin79 Super BB Gold Label (VIP Collection). Bought online, it's quite expensive.

It has whitening properties along with the Gold and Caviar extracts.

I love this one as much as I love my Face Shop BB Cream. My mom uses it, and she has very sensitive skin but eversince she started using this, she said that its surprising that she isn't allergic to it and has notice visible improvements on her skin.

The texture is quite thick and quite oily on the skin at first, but I just leave it on for few seconds and it feels all well. It also gives the skin the glowing effect, I don't know..maybe its because it has gold extracts or something, but yeah your skin becomes vibrant!
The coverage is superb, it covers bumps, pimples, tiny veins and other blemishes. You won't even feel guilt for your skin when you wear this makeup since it has healing properties that can be really good for your skin!

Revlon's ColorStay w/ Soft Flex

This product has the best coverage of all the foundations I've ever used. Super flawless, very easy to blend, lasts all day and very smooth!

But I don't wear it during hot weather because its very THICK and quite hard to remove - but it won't matter if you have a good makeup remover.

With this, I also don't feel the need for concealer or extra powder.

Your face will be really flawless if you wear this. But again, for me its not an everyday foundation.

Sally Hansen's Airbrush Makeup

Sally Hansen's Airbrush Foundation. These belong to my mom, she ended up buying two because she can't hit the right shade for her skin.

But yeah, unlike most foundations- the airbrush makeup don't adapt with the actual skin color. You have to pick the right shade to look perfect on you.

So yeah, the texture is really thin and when you spray it on your fingers, the liquid makes a bubbling sound.

It is easy to blend on skin even by just using your fingers.

The coverage is pretty decent... it evens out your skin "really good", and the result is really flawless. I don't even feel the need for concealer when I use this.

What I love about this, is that it lasts for long hours... doesn't wear off and the result isn't cakey at all. It covers amazingly but it still looks like real skin.

Left is the No Color Shade, right is for fair skinned

Clear Smooth

Maybelline's Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation is water based formula.

I love this foundation because its so light and doesn't make your face look cakey with makeup and all.

I use this when I just want to go outside looking all natural. Its a great buy for people who got good skin to begin with. But if you have pimples/acne and super uneven skintone problems... This won't work for you.

I think that this works for people who got oily and sensitive skin. I haven't got pimples so far ever since I used this. It doesn't clog your pores so you won't have to worry about black heads/white heads and stuff.

Very easy to blend and very nice texture. It feels great on skin. It also doesn't smell weird since it hardly has fragrance on it.

Coverage is medium, very natural- so you have to have good skin naturally to appreciate this product.

<3 GUESS and a great find at Greenhills xD

I'm not so fond of bags because I hate bringing one when I go, but whenever I see GUESS bags on the mall... I go o.O Wow, I love their bags most especially! So mom gave this to me xD

I looove it!

Made of great material, nice color and its just the right size for me ^__^

But I don't think I'm going to start collecting bags just because of this... Being a bag collector is just so expensive.

I prefer people giving me bags instead haha!

Last time we went to GreenHills, I found this very cute case that I can use for my camera... It's only the last stock and my niece saw it first and she wanted it also badly!

But just because I am awesome I got it >:B

I got it for only Php50.00! Bwahaha!

It's blue like My Sony T2 (Blue) Camera, xD Great fit and it always looks so new!

I should stop by at greenhills on our next visit to Manila for more great finds.

Watsons' Hot Eyelash Curler Thingy

Just want to warn people especially in the Philippines, not to waste money on this stuff.
Well maybe it can work for you, but not for me! It doesn't do anything at all... it's battery operated, when you turn it on the rubber thing heats up for more effective curled eyelashes- but not effective on mine >.<>
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r, and it sucks because even without batter, it doesn't even curl a single lash-it's weird.

♥Rag Curls Tutorial♥

So Cheap, Practical, Effective and Versatile!

All you need is an old

So let's begin! These illustrations are all made by me using Photoshop cs2,
if you want to share this to other community outside Soompi- please let me know and gimme credits smile.gif Thanks!

TIP #1: Best time to rag curl your hair is after shampoo and conditioner, slighty damp or dry.
As long as its oil/sweat free.

TIP #2 : Positive attitude and patience is important during first trials xD

TIP #3: The thicker the strands of hair you curl in 1 rag- the bigger the curl.
The thinner the tighter.

TIP #4: Make sure that the ends doesn't stick out when you are about to tie the rag.

TIP #5: Just tie the knot tight enough, but not over tight because it will hurt your hair smile.gif

TIP #5: Don't worry if some of the knots aren't consistently neat, they will curl no matter what xD

TIP #6: Do not ever brush or comb the curls, just use minimal finger combing smile.gif

And yay!

You can watch a video demonstration of Rag Curling Here:
Experimenting with styles: I rag curled my whole hair up to the root and curled thick strands of hair for bigger curls that's why they appear really curly xD.. Ageha Magazine Covergirls Inspired

Old pictures with rag curls, my hair was looonger then and really thick, I just curled from the length from to the ends and waited until they lose.

This one, I just curled my hair alternately, skipped some strands xD

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wet hair on the go? NOT!

Haha, so I saw this topic on Soompi... like "Do you go to school with messy hair?" and then I thought, during highschool until now... I see people with messy hair and WORSE.. I see people who go out with their hair still all WET.

Its so common here in the Philippines. I always knew that its not proper to go out and let people see you with your hair still all wet.. but there are times (but hardly) where I am really in a hurry that I go out with my hair half wet. I feel terrible for those days though.

So girls should know now that leaving your house with your hair still wet is so unproper and ugly - might as well leave your house with your towel LOL.

That White Baby Powder Should GO!

I remember putting Baby Powder on my face during elementary and highschool days. xD Me and my friends would often go to the CR and put some using our hands. In highschool, (I don't know if this only occurs in the Philippines though) it's like a must have on every girl's grooming kit.

Right now, it's so weird. I remember using a compact face powder in highschool and the girls all went..."Uyy dalaga na.." they would really tend to tease you a lot if you use a compact face powder. As for me, I've learned then that putting that white baby powder on your face using hands is very "unhygienic". But due to my classmate's never ending teasing whenever we go to the CR, I went back using baby powder again. Err.

But what's bothering me now is.. "OMG! It's still happening." Yeah, it's still happening... It sucks because girls don't have any idea how bad it looks on face- all cakey and white. Especially for girls who have darker complexions.. it's really weird seeing them with white bits of powder on their face asking "Makapal ba?".

Giiirrrlllsss, please stop using it! It's not for face, its unhygienic, and doesn't match your skintone. There are a lot of compact face powder that has a proper applicator around that you could switch on to.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

♥ Oyen's HimeGyaru Makeover Tutorial!♥

Yay! I've made a tutorial... xD
(Click pictures for the actual size)
HimeGyaru Inspired and a bit toned down... This makeup tutorial is also applicable for makeup newbies and practical!


Ever heard of the classic rag curling? It's so cheap, lasts longer and healthy! NO Heat at all!
All you need is an old t'shirt or whatever and cut them to form long strips-like what
I did in the picture.

This is a bit tricky for the first time, but once you master it-its easy! Remember, the thicker the strands of hair you tie, the bigger the curls, the thinner the tighter. You can use pomade/clay or whatever before you tie your hair with rags.

If you want to see actual video of rag curling, watch this video :


First step is always start with a clean face, tone and moisturize biggrin.gif

I love this toner <3333>

Put on Circle Lens!

I only use BB Cream as foundation

Concealer! Notice I didn't use extra stuff like primer and stuff, I'm too lazy and I'm saving money xD This will do

Then just dust on face powder to keep the concealer and BB cream long lasting

Contouring, I used this blush to contour my cheeks, I love it, works well as bronzer too-very pretty colors!

Eye makeup now...nothing special..I just used grey as the base color and dark grey at the outer corner of the lids. Just blend well.

Liquid Eyeliner! I love my liquid eyeliner <333 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

So yeah, just line your eyes like that- I have double eyelids that disappear when I open my eyes x.x
You can make it thick or thin

url those lashes! Guess what by the way..DHC Eyelash toner works! they grew longer in 1 week now. I used to have non existing lashes even on the bottom. It works for me!

Put on mascara- the thicker the better because we are trying to emphasize big eyes tongue.gif

White eyeliner on your bottom waterline ONLY - whatever you call it.

And then draw black eyeliner at the bottom of your bottom waterline LOL

And then put mascara on your bottom lashes! I used a different mascara since it has smaller brush.

Add a touch of pink blush on the apples of your cheek for the cute effect xD

Of course, just like other Gyaru makeup-you highlight the bridge of your nose.
I just used a white eyeshadow to save money.

To highlight the face, I used a white shimmer powder with little amount. It looks pretty when light hits your face

Lipstick topped with lipgloss! When you put the lipgloss, just pat the gloss at the middle of your lips-not all over.

♥Release the curls!!!♥

Okay I think I left them long enough to curl by now..

Beautiful Curls without damaging your hair! Then experiment with the style smile.gif


I just used a light pink nail polish with silver glittered polish as tip xD Looks as girly as those Himegyaru nails without the 3d nails arts xD

♥And we're done!!! Camwhore, Camwhore!♥