Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Geo Two Tone Green Lenses Review

Comfort: Very comfortable for me, I've worn them for more than 8 hours already and didn't feel irritation at all.
Color: I love the color so much, it doesn't stand out much-very natural and doesn't give that fake green appearance. It's also noticeable even on naturally dark brown eyes.
Pattern: You can still see the pixelly pattern if you look real closely... but it's okay it can still pass as natural.
Enlarging Effect: Not much since it doesn't have limbal ring but it does enlarge quite a bit, but not like the Nudy series.

Overall I really like them, best green lenses from Geo since I hate the ones with sunburst in the middle making me look like a lizard or some sort of villain hehe...(ex. Geo Twins, Geo 3 Tone) These are good green lenses and I recommend them to everyone. They look especially nice with Pale skin and dark hair because the color really pops. and recommended to wear with eyeliner or long falsies to look nice!
Too lazy to upload my camwhoring pics, hehe you can just check them out at My Facebook.