Saturday, December 6, 2008

Recent Stuff <3

Vintage Nerdy Glasses are trendy right now! Couldn't find the wayfer style ones around at at SM, so I just settled on these pair. They are available in 3 colors: dark blue, brown and black. So I got the brown one... xD

Guess how much? $2.5!!!
It's really hard for me to find eyeglasses that fits my face, I hate that.. But the first time I tried this and looked in the mirror I was like "Woah! They are big.. but they look very cool!" My mom and dad actually thought that I kinda look adorable in them (teehee!) I'll post pictures of me wearing them sometime (of course, promise!)

So yeah, I picked the brown one because black will be too common, and brown has more vintagey vibe. It's like picking brown eyeliner instead of black xD
Checkered/Tartan printed clothes are so "in" this season! Just last two weeks ago I bought 3 tops.

As mom and I were strolling on Nepo Mall (LOL) We saw a lot of pretty tartan clothes, some of them are blindingly very kawaii!!!

Then I got my eyes glued on this pr
etty dress, the first time I saw it I knew it's going to be mine...

Its only availabe in 2 colors, this one (blue) and green. I love the blue one, it also comes with the pretty black belt.

Good thing it fitted on me because it only has 1 size available (YAY!) I wonder when I should wear it...

I feel like wearing it with stockings or heels or black boots! Its so versatile I can wear it with a tank top underneath and leave some buttons unbuttoned.

And the skirt part is very cute, its layered xD

Mom gave me this handbag-she said that its her advance Christmas present! I am a first time bag lover and currently own 2 bags only at the moment. xD

I love its smallish size, perfect for the things I usually bring like money and beauty stuff LOL

It's Jimmy Choo :D

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Basic Black Circle Lens

Hooray! I finally got basic black circle lens :) A lot of my friends were asking about my recent photos on Friendster, they said that there's something pretty weird about them LOL. I have huge black iris!

I was wearing circle lenses, while camwhoring that time. I was making a review for Soompi's Circle Lens Thread. If you're asking about the name of the Circle lens, they are from GEO (CK-105)

When I saw them on the bottle, I thought that they were really big. For their comfort I would say, they are "very" comfortable, its like wearing nothing at all. They never slide off, I've worn them for more than 8 hours and didn't sting my eyes. I rate them 10/10.

I love how clean they look, and how they don't completely cover the natural eye color. They are my favorite pair yet!

Some people might think black circle lenses will make you look alien like, haha! especially in the Philippines because there are only few people who knows about them and actually wears them, I think I would have to start blaming myself if my friends start wearing circle lenses.

Extreme flash, this is the real pattern of CK 105.

Behold! My Ulzzang Inspired Cam whoring Session

LOL, I kinda looked like that weird girl from YouTube (Magibon) here...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Very Cute Yellow Shoes!

Thanks Ate KJ (from Singapore) for this pasalubong when you had your vacation here in the Philippines. She's so sweet She knows my taste already, cute, perky and bright xD

They are kind of Mustardy in colour, and wedge type, I love wedges!

It's kind of tricky on what to pair them up with though, and still haven't worn them yet.. But I don't care, I love them. They are sooo cute!

Can somebody also suggest me on what to pair them up with?

I think that they will look good with a dress or skirt..

Time to mix and match!

Egg White Mask

I heard this on Soompi (again)... and I've been doing it for weeks now. Thrice a week. And it really does wonders on my skin ever since! I swear!

All you just gotta do is get an egg, extract the egg whites only.

Beat it on the bowl until its foamy and yucky, and then put it on your clean dry face like a mask. Leave on for 15 minutes. It does good on your skin like:

1. Whitens
2. Makes your skin firmer
3. Evens out skintone naturally
4. Improves pores and skin texture

Aaah! Good old home remedies never hurt to try. I'm gonna be doing this thing for the rest of my life :D

YAY! My DHC Cleansing Oil Arrived In A Mail Today!

After reading so many good reviews about this award winning product, I decided to get one on Ebay because I had extra money that I can use for myself ^_^

DHC Cleansing Oil, is more of a makeup remover. My current makeup remover isn't good enough. It's from The Face Shop though- but it doesn't get rid of everything easily. I wanted to try this DHC Cleansing Oil. Well DHC is a Japanese Brand and it has Olive Oil in it, so I guess its not only good on getting rid of the dirt and makeup but also it leaves good benefits on your skin - I hope so...

This is quite expensive, bought it for $17 on Ebay almost 2 weeks ago I think. And it just arrived today from Hong Kong.

Weeeheee~ xD

Oooh.. I think this is 200 ml

Meh~ I wish I can read.

So yey~ I tried it today, I used it even though I didn't wear makeup though. And at first, it was all really greasy and yucky- it's like cooking oil on your face, and I thought that its going to be really tough removing it with water. But I was wrong, the water washed it away completely with the dirt!

I think this stuff is amazing.. I haven't got any allergic reactions so far. It leaves skin so clean and feeling BABY SMOOTH.

This is how I used it actually, I pumped a little amount of it on my dry hands and massaged it around my face (dry) for like 3 minutes... And then just washed my face when I was done, easy as that. The oil doesn't sit on your face even after you wash your face. <3

Sunday, November 30, 2008

DHC Eyelash Tonic

I heard about this product on Soompi and decided to buy it online since its impossible to find it here in the Philippines.

It has mix reviews from people who uses it.

DHC Eyelash Tonic - its suppose to make your eyelashes grown longer and thicker in just weeks. I hated my eyelashes because they hardly exist. But when I started using this product (I apply it morning and evening) I noticed that my lashes are growing! And also thicker.. it works especially on my bottom lashes. I don't have a BEFORE picture, though.

But the thing about this product is that the liquid gets cloudy after some days. I still use it.

Morning.. and Skin Diary

Good morning...
I hardly get any sleep lately, especially for these past three days. I go to bed at 10:30pm and wait until I actually sleep. So I slept at 1:30am last night.

I just listen to my iPod, xD For some reason sad songs make me cry so easily lately, that's why my eyes are lil but swelling on the pictures.

Sometimes things can be really frustrating that you don't even understand why you even have to
My Skin Diary

(pics were taken with no makeup! pure morning look xD Haven't washed my face yet too. No photoshop)

I got surprised at how my skin showed improvement, I've been monitoring my skin's improvement on this thread.

All thanks to changing my toner to Quick & Clean :D

And also the Olay Eye Cream really reduces eyebags and dark circles under the eyes. I'll make a thorough review on that cream one of these days.