Monday, February 2, 2009

Sorry for not updating ^.^V

I've been really busy, hehe...
So yeah last night I've been thinking about letting my hair grow long past my elbows xD (random)
And I am also planning on doing another makeup tutorial called Natural Dollfie Inspired Look xD Its so exciting!

And I am also trying the L'oreal Pure Zone anti imperfection moisturizer, I wanna see if it will get rid of my little pimple marks. So far I like how it feels on my skin, the texture is really improving- I notice my pores getting less visible haha! But I still see the pimple marks.

And yeah, I just found out about the Maybelline Dream Mousse Shimmer Illuminator and I am trying to purchase one within this week off Ebay.. it looks interesting since I love the Dream Mousse series except their blush ons.. they don't really last long.