Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heyyyy!!!!!!! xD I'm back with a haircolor post

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry i've been inactive here again. xD Anyways, I'm back (HOPEFULLY) I will be catching up on reviewing some of the new beauty stuff that I recently got. Anyway!

Remember, my name got damaged and had to cut it really short because of the severe damage. And that was last year (month of May, I believe.) and now its longer!! Yehey! I colored my hair darker than my usual color because I did not want my roots to be too obvious during the process.

So I bought 2 boxes of Revlon ColorSilk Luminista, its the newer range from ColorSilk but they cost more than the regular ones. It claims to be recommended for people with dark hair, for better lift I guess. It has mango butter that makes the hair shine after the application.

Here are the boxes, you can see the packaging. This is the 175 Medium Blonde shade. I use blonde shades because I want lighter hair (not really blonde, I believe your hair won't get blond from a blond dye box unless you bleach your hair firstm right?) I was expecting the result to be not orangey, i was actually aiming for ashy shade. Ash blonde is not available though.

This is my hair color before. as you can see my hair got really long and my roots are visible. And oh yeah, this is the healthiest my hair ever got! I really took care of my hair while growing it. I shampoo only twice a week, I only wash my hair with conditioner and I've always AVOID heat styling and putting so much hair products.

After using Revlon ColorSilk Luminista Medium Blonde. Here is the result! I'm not sure if I really like it, but its not what I expteced. Its quite goldy. And my roots are lighter than the rest of my hair. But that always happens when you put the dye on roots first. My fault because I was too lazy to dye the middle part and then go back to the roots, so lazy to do that. Anyway, it will fade a little after few washes I guess.. Because this is not the first time I experienced lighter roots on box dyes.
You see the ugly lighter roots! x.x
Will I purchase this product again? Yes, maybe another color. :) It is easy to apply.
But, after washing your hair after coloring, your hair really feels super damaged, like stiff or something. But all that went away when I used the conditioner the box dyes come with! I love the conditioner! It made my hair super smooth! Until now. :) I'll update you with the color after few days. ^_^

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