Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How I did my nails yesterday

My mom said that my nails are wayyy too long already. So I decided to cut them shorter >_<

The fact about long nails is that you always get the tendency to make typos. It's so hard to type on keyboard especially on Laptop keyboards. It's also hard to stick circle lenses and put them out. They are also high maintenance, like must wash hands and put sanitizer all the time because they are most likely to have dirt easily which is bad if you have the habit of touching your face all the time. So yeah, I cut my nails shorter and painted them yesterday.

I hear about this technique everywhere, but it never hurts to share again xD
For those of you who can't create a perfect french tip.. this is how we do it. First we need the nail colored polish and a white one and a tape. Any kind of tape as long as its sticks.

So this is how, I did mine... The picture's kinda self explanatory already but I will love to explain again. xD
1. Paint our entire finger nails with any color you want.
2. Let it dry completely.
3. Cut a tape (you don't have to cut the curve shape)
4. Put the tape on your fingernails and shape it while you stick it to create a curve (I hope you know what I mean xD)
5. Pain the tips white (you wont have to worry making a mess now!)
6. After painting, immediately remove the tape.
7. And you have a perfect french tip! YAY!
8. Repeat Repeat!


Charlee Delta said...

that's a good idea..put tape to apply the french tip..didn't know that..:-)

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love your blog, you are very talented! ^^

Make-Up Girl said...

Ahh, amazing.. This helped me to perfect my french tips thank youuuu! You clever girl xD

Anonymous said...

Lols :) i already know how to do it this way .. buh ' it is actually a good idea . i love iht;