Saturday, November 29, 2008

Skin79 Super BB Gold Label (VIP Collection). Bought online, it's quite expensive.

It has whitening properties along with the Gold and Caviar extracts.

I love this one as much as I love my Face Shop BB Cream. My mom uses it, and she has very sensitive skin but eversince she started using this, she said that its surprising that she isn't allergic to it and has notice visible improvements on her skin.

The texture is quite thick and quite oily on the skin at first, but I just leave it on for few seconds and it feels all well. It also gives the skin the glowing effect, I don't know..maybe its because it has gold extracts or something, but yeah your skin becomes vibrant!
The coverage is superb, it covers bumps, pimples, tiny veins and other blemishes. You won't even feel guilt for your skin when you wear this makeup since it has healing properties that can be really good for your skin!


miemiemie said...

oooh that looks pretty,where did you buy and how much?

Oyen said...

At Ebay, Php800+ from HongKong :)