Saturday, January 17, 2009

Me, on YouTube

Hi, I'm back on YouTube with Videos of me singing live this time.

Haha, so uncomfortable xD

Friday, January 16, 2009

Makeup, Makeup, Makeup

Hello, if you are a starter for serious makeup like me... I would like to suggest some basic "stuff" to put inside your makeup kit.

Throw those cheap face powders/ Johnson's baby powder that you use for your face LOL!

Basic Makeup for beginners must haves!

1. Liquid Foundation (for me, this is the best type of foundation)
2. Loose Powder that should be translucent since I find pigmented ones cakey on the skin. You need to dust on loose powder after the liquid foundation.
3. Concealer!
4. Eyebrow Pencil for definition, don't buy black ones (they look harsh)... go for Brown Blacks or Dark Browns.. You need it if you have thin eyebrows I hate seeing "barely there eyebrows" xD
5. Eyeliner... Should have 2 kinds, a pencil and a liquid. (brown or black) brown is more natural and looks great on people in general.
6. Blush On, you should have one in pink color and orange/peach one.
7. An eyelash curler, for short lashes like me, putting mascara without eyelash curler is pretty useless.
8. A good waterproof mascara since waterproof mascaras tend to hold the curls of your lashes longer.
9. Bronzer...Its good as blush on, eyeshadow, and for contouring. Versatile, it can also be mixed with liquid foundation for that dewy look.
10. Lipstick, a pinkish to nude ones and a peach/orange color. Don't buy red ones-yet xD
11. Lipgloss (any color you like) to make your lipstick pop with shine and you can also wear it alone if you want.

So yeah, I skipped the eyeshadows because it depends on you, but if you want eyeshadows, you should have a natural palette (classic) and pastel ones because they are funky and youthful. Those are just basic must haves ^.^ Hope you find them helpful ^.^

How to look better!

Nope, I am not going to make you pile on so much makeup.. (yet xD)

Somebody requested me to make a blogpost about this... because a lot of people say I look better than way back then and I will tell you my secrets on how to look better (prettier) gradually. This is for the people who wants to be pretty without undergoing drastic changes.

1. Assess your appearance.. Do you think you need to lose weight? Are you comfortable with it?
Assess your face and your features. If you think your features are messed up, I don't think so... Anyone can look pretty even with small eyes, monolids, uneven eyes, flat nose, big nose, etc.

Shaping your eyebrows makes a big difference on your overall facial appearance. So get rid of your messy eyebrows.

2. You may also want to start investing for a good skin ^.^ Get rid of those pimples, black/white heads.

3. Get a more flattering haircut that suits your face well.

4. If you wear glasses, get a new pair of them that are more fashionable than your current frames or start wearing contact lenses if you get tired of your eyeglasses.

5. The secret is perseverance and being positive.

6. Get braces if you need them, because they will make a huge difference once it fixes your teeth/bite. Or if you've been wearing braces for long and its already due, its time to take them out and wear retainers. I just don't find braces attractive anymore LOL.

7. Start taking better pictures of yourself because its gonna boost your ego and your self confidence, plus you can monitor your appearance. (LOL Im not sarc)

8. Start reading fashion magazines because they help LOTS (for me) and also start joining a beauty forum that you can gather tips from... For me Soompi's Beauty and Fashion Section helped me look better. <3

9. Don't be afraid to take risks if you are confident that you will be happy with the results in the long run. I am not against plastic surgery unless you're gonna do an overall plastic surgery that may change the way you really look because that's freaky.

10. Appreciate all kinds of beauty ^.^ Every person's beauty is unique. Embrace it.

11. Wearing makeup also helps! Try investing for a good foundation/BB Cream and concealer, because they make your skin look flawless. And if you want to go a little further... Makeup is your friend ^.^

Once you achieved a better appearance, you will feel all happy inside and outside ^.^ Its better to start now than later... Because I've seen women who only makes effort on improving their appearance when they're older which is like so frustrating.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Still Missing Singapore! T~T

I swear I will go back to Singapore someday! I never got to share the pictures with captions with you guys so I'm gonna go back reminiscing our trip to Singapore last year (August)...So yeah, I just took a random picture of this temple near our hotel. I super miss the sight of it now LOL. This is a part of the China Town, near the money changer xD because we always go there... You're gonna see pictures of my brother... wondering, getting lost and wandering (LOL) Before we went to the Singapore he pretty made sure he mastered the roads and streets on Google Earth Map ~.~"... but still... Stressing out much? xD Haha, so yeah he got all the free maps in Singapore! At Day 1, we really don't know where to go.. So we just stroll on China Town and went back to the hotel and rest for a while. Oooh~ Souvenirs~
Oooh~ Preciouzzz....
This is the first mall we come across to.. Crap! I forgot its name ~.~
That's mom and my big bro.
2nd Day... Bro calling KeiJei so we can meet up ^.^
Err I hated my brother that time because he really wanted McDonald's meal as usual, even in Singapore! Only me and mom enjoyed the traditional foods in Singapore >.< Yay! I felt so happy finding a few Lolita Clothing Boutiques around Singapore! I feel like I'm in Japan already! xD Mom took a picture of me and the Lolita Lady (SalesLady) just because she looks so awesome!
xD With KeiJei (my brother's bestfriend) and please ignore what I am wearing xD This was in a 6 star hotel.. my first time to enter a very classy hotel lol! We were like VIP's because we got to eat the food LOL
Yummy Snacks! It was also my first time tasting different types of cheese :D
Yes, its the MerLion.
That's mom taking pictures...
At the Botanical Gardens...
So Beautiful... (excuse all the pictures they are all phone camera pics)
Toys section at a mall ^.^ My brother with KeiJei
Me and my brother.. (I'm verysmall) XD
Hehe, me again...
This pictures were taken at Sentosa <333
Me so fatt >.<
I'm not a beach person but its really wonderfun being there :D
The End ^^ There are more pictures but I'm too lazy to upload haha.