Saturday, November 29, 2008

♥Rag Curls Tutorial♥

So Cheap, Practical, Effective and Versatile!

All you need is an old

So let's begin! These illustrations are all made by me using Photoshop cs2,
if you want to share this to other community outside Soompi- please let me know and gimme credits smile.gif Thanks!

TIP #1: Best time to rag curl your hair is after shampoo and conditioner, slighty damp or dry.
As long as its oil/sweat free.

TIP #2 : Positive attitude and patience is important during first trials xD

TIP #3: The thicker the strands of hair you curl in 1 rag- the bigger the curl.
The thinner the tighter.

TIP #4: Make sure that the ends doesn't stick out when you are about to tie the rag.

TIP #5: Just tie the knot tight enough, but not over tight because it will hurt your hair smile.gif

TIP #5: Don't worry if some of the knots aren't consistently neat, they will curl no matter what xD

TIP #6: Do not ever brush or comb the curls, just use minimal finger combing smile.gif

And yay!

You can watch a video demonstration of Rag Curling Here:
Experimenting with styles: I rag curled my whole hair up to the root and curled thick strands of hair for bigger curls that's why they appear really curly xD.. Ageha Magazine Covergirls Inspired

Old pictures with rag curls, my hair was looonger then and really thick, I just curled from the length from to the ends and waited until they lose.

This one, I just curled my hair alternately, skipped some strands xD


Lei said...

Ah, I never got to ask you.
Where did you learn this trick? :O

Oyen said...

I was researching about how to curl hair without heat xD and after so many blah blah, I found a topic about it..^^

Lei said...

Oh, okay. XDDD; Thanks~!
I've only been able to find a paper bag curling tutorial. xD;; But I didn't like the style, it kinda gives you the same curls as goldilocks. o_x

Emmy said...

Oh Oyen this is amazing but after watching and reading about 50 million tutorials I still don't get how to wrap the hair for a perfect curl..

I tried wrapping the strand around the piece of rag and tying it but it comes out in funny waves..

Ahh help ;-;

Oyen said...

You just got to practice Emmy ^.^ If they can do it, so can you! Go Go! haha

deconstructingVenus said...

its really easy if you lay the strip of cloth alone a tube shaped object, such as a glue stick or lipstick, roll the hair around it, tie, then pull the tube out. :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome tutorial, and loved all the pics :) Thanks so much for sharing!!