Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Janice Man's Hippy Braid Tutorial

This look is inspired by Janice Man.. its a very Hippy inspired but really cute ^_^

Its really easy.. First just get a random section of your hair (forehead level) on the side (make sure the section is on the inside)

And then, braid it neatly.

Place the braid to the other side and secure it with a bobby pin, or whatever works for you.

And then hide the pin with your hair... and Voila!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Simple and Cheap Doll Look Tutorial

(picture Heavy)

Hello its Me Oyen xD
Its been a while since I haven't posted a tutorial so here we go..
I mostly used drugstore brand makeups for all the makeup newbies out there like me hehe..

Okay we should start with a clean face. Apply moisturizer,
let your skin absorb the moisturizer for 3-5 minutes.
And then apply foundation. I used Maybelline Clear Smooth Gel Foundation,
a concealer (not sure of the brand)
and then I dusted face powder (Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder)
to set the liquid foundation in place.

And then shade the eyebrows a little for a little definition..
Just use any dark brown eyebrow pencil.

For the eyeshadow, its really simple, I used an in2it duo eyeshadow with bronzey colours..
the light one for the entire lids and the darker shade is for the outer corner.

I used another in2it product for the eyeliner, its a liquid brown one..

Curl the eyelashes and apply Mascara (Maybelline Volum' Express)

Apply Blush on (By Revlon)

(EXCUSE MY DRY LIPS!XD) Lipstick and Apply Lip Tint only
at the inner corners of the lips or whatever you call it xD

To get a slight Dollfie look effect, I put concealer (slight) on
the lipline and blend.. and then I topped the lips with a lipgloss.

And last! If you don't have a highlighter.. a white shimmer
shadow will be a good alternative (just apply little)
Dust on the bridge of your nose, cheek bones, forehead and chin.

And we're done! ^__^

Hope it helps you ^__^

NOTE: in2it eyeshadow and HerBench Lip Tint are popular in Philippines.. I really don't know if you have them in place :/

Monday, February 9, 2009

I finally want a NINTENDO DS LITEEEE!

Yes! I want to get the Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday <3 I will never be bored during dull days anymore! xD I am so excited, I really hope I'll get to have one. Some of my friends are saying why don't I just get the PSP instead since I can save songs, watch movies, etc... Heck, I don't want it. (These are just my opinion, dont bash me :P) Firstly because there are so many people who owns the psp now its like so overrated. Two, most of the best games on PSP are just usually racing or versus games like Tekken and little RPG's. Third reason, I really don't care much about graphics, I'm just up for the good games and DS Lite's features, having the two screends and touch pad -makes games more interesting and fun! PSP is more on multimedia side.. Bleh I don't want to use my portable gaming console as an "MP3 player" and I can't watch movies on it just because I don't feel comfy.. I find it really shady when people buy PSP and download more songs and movies than games LOL, whats the point when they spend money on other gadgets that are specifically for that, like iPod. Real gamers like the Nintendo DS. Fourthly, The DS Lite looks so sleek and awesomer plus its less prone to damage. When I get mine, I want to decorate it hehehehe!

I just want to list down the games that I am going to download just incase I would really get the DS Lite, so I wont forget LOL!

Cooking Mama 2, Last King of Africa, Japanese Coach, Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, My World My Way, Dragon Quest IV: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Final Fantasy XII: Ravenant Wings, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, Brain Age, Mystery Case Files: Millionheir, Mario Kart, Zelda:Sands of Time, Chocobo Tales, Curious Village, Some Sims Games, Animal Crossing: Wild World,Picross,Phoenix Wright/ Apollo Justice,Time Hollow, TouchMaster 2, Mario Party DS, Super Mario Bros, Touch Detective 1 & 2,

Other games you want to recommend? I like mysteries, awesome RPG's, cute and girly games hehe...

A little DS Lite cuteness gallery :D


I always wish I could go back to my prom days hehe.. because they're all "failure" Hahaha!
Well anyways, people should learn from each other's mistakes right?
So i will list down the tips to make an almost perfect prom night...

1. Do not over prepare or expect things will be exactly want to want.. You will end up disappointed on prom night for sure.. xD

2. Practice your makeup a week before the prom night.. don't ever procrastinate on it, makeup your mind on what kind of look you wanna go for. If you know how to do your own makeup and if you are good at it, its better... because here's the thing when you get your makeup done on a typical salon... they tend to transform your face too much! LOl they shave your eyebrows much that will make you look "mean"/masungit.

And also they tend to put a lot of makeup (esp if the brands are cheap) and mostly the look they go for won't suit you... I notice makeup done by makeup artists from salons.. they tend to put wrong shade of foundation and concealer..sometimes the concealer looks so much lighter than the natural skintone which looks horrid in pictures especially in pictures with flash >.<>

3. Your gown, cut and colors matter!

>Don't go for gowns that look like you've just rent them.. You know how they look.. they have cheap looking glossy fabrics and way too colorful

>Avoid looking like a gift wrap.. you know those contrasted color combinations like pink and green, violet and yellow etc... they looks so overdone and cheap now..

>Do go for classic.. or a mix of classic and modern.

> Consider the venue... If the venue is super classy like a castle! You don't wanna miss out on wearing a ball gown hehehe! Well it depends on your taste though xD

>Hairstyle..Don't go for high maintenance hairstyle.. like crazy curly updo's.. they will look so messy by the end of the prom night..

My top PROM makeup looks!

Natural Look: If you have nice skin to begin with.. You can pull of this look so well! All you need is a flawless foundation and concealer.. natural, slightly bronzy and shimmery eyemakeup, thin eyeliner and a nicely natural looking false eyelashes for the eyemakeup. Healthy glow on cheeks, peach or pink and natural looking lips.

Red Lips: If you can pull off red lipstick well, this look is super glamorous! All you need is good foundation base and concealer, healthy looking cheeks. Minimal eye makeup, natural hues, thick or think eyeliner and killer false eyelashes! For the lips, look for a good shade of red that will match your skin.

Youthful Look: Other makeup looks that I like.. They're light and vibrant.. Very youthful and fun.

Gowns that I like.. I like the design with a touch of classic, intricate details yet simple and has a vintagey vibe, hehe..