Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sally Hansen's Airbrush Makeup

Sally Hansen's Airbrush Foundation. These belong to my mom, she ended up buying two because she can't hit the right shade for her skin.

But yeah, unlike most foundations- the airbrush makeup don't adapt with the actual skin color. You have to pick the right shade to look perfect on you.

So yeah, the texture is really thin and when you spray it on your fingers, the liquid makes a bubbling sound.

It is easy to blend on skin even by just using your fingers.

The coverage is pretty decent... it evens out your skin "really good", and the result is really flawless. I don't even feel the need for concealer when I use this.

What I love about this, is that it lasts for long hours... doesn't wear off and the result isn't cakey at all. It covers amazingly but it still looks like real skin.

Left is the No Color Shade, right is for fair skinned

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