Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...xD

I wish I can have a more decent birthday post xD But yeah since blah blah and blah blah...
Happy birthday to all March 31st birthday people today :)

I thank you all, my friends and viewers for always surprising me with your wonderful comments whenever I post new posts (LOL)

@Tune: Thank you so much for being so friendly to me even though we know each other so little but still you a very sweet and nice even though I am only one of your millions and millions of fans, hehe.. :) Don't hesitate to contact me if ever you need to talk, you are everyone's dream friend.

@Mie: Sis! Thanks for always following my blog, you are a very sweet lady and hope one day we'll get to meet xD

@LadyFei: I just found out about the voice comment you sent me on Snapvine, so unexpected and so sweeett of you :) I really admire you too because you are pretty and so cool haha!

@My IMVU friends who goes here: Thank you so much for always sticking up with me from my day 1 on IMVU :) Thanks for supporting me and hope you never grow tired of me <3

@My relatives & friends

Sunday, March 29, 2009

NO Updates for a while :(

Hey guys, wont be able to make some new posts because I am so problematic about my laptop, its broken- the videocard they say... I never had any problems with my Acer Laptop for like one year and a half until now... I am so upset and frustrated because I have some things I need to settle and update hanging.

xD So tomorrow they will send my laptop to some technician which I am hoping that he/she can fix it good as new.. I really love that laptop because of the specs TT_TT So please help me pray that it can be fixed, I think they will just have to find a videocard (NVIDIA) that is similar to mine. But if they fail I will have no choice but to send it to Acer Manila... and the repair cost will be Php20,000 more or less >__< So yeah. I think I wont be able to buy the ds lite for now ~.~" oh well it can wait. SIGH xD

Bye bye for now, goodluck for my laptop :P

Miss you all guys ^_^