Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tutorial: Eurasian Look w/ Nude Lipstick

Hello everyone, I am back with a new easy tutorial. This look is called Eurasian with Nude Lipstick so it involves colored circle lenses, a little effort on eyes and cheeks and simple nude lipstick so that it won't look overdone.
You don't have to be really good with makeup for this. Just follow the easy steps :)These lenses, I believe are EOS.. but unfortunately I forgot the code because I threw the bottles too quickly. Anyway, they don't give enlargement that much and are pretty honey brown colors-the ones that I've been searching for. They match with my haircolor xD
I still love this Baby Skin base because I don't have anything else, haha!
I used a concealer from Revlon, its not too heavy and has sheer coverage-one that I am looking for for a concealer because I look weird having like no eyebags at all Lol
I like this whipped foundation alot because it glides on very smoothly, light and it has a pleasant smell.
Dusting on Loose powder after applying liquidish foundation keeps it in place.
This is my favorite blush on...yet! Its cheap, has pretty colour and it stays on for long hours!
I bought these purple brush set off ebay. I am not pro with brushes though but I love this set because they have pretty colour, they are soft and no hairs left on my face whenever I use them :)
I like working with eyebrow shadows and brush because for me they're easier to work with.
I love this eyeshadow, its very cheap! Like P60 only hehe, from Fashion21.
This gel eyeliner, is my first gel eyeliner and it doesn't work with me as it easily get smudged.

I love this mascara! I love its applicator, perfect for my thin/short lashes.Close up pictures!
My hair's growing fast, this length is 3 and a half months in the making ever since I had it cut just below the ears xD