Friday, March 5, 2010

My EOS Circle Lenses Review 8D and latest photos spam...>:B

Dolly Eyes Grey
Comfort: 4/5 Not really comfortable, though I observed that these lenses are very softtt I mean like, when u put in on finger, they stick to your finger entirely. You kno what I mean? XD
(Update) After a while of getting used to them, I realized it was just my solution. They're quite comfortable now.
Color and Pattern: 4/5 At first,they a little bit bold, especially without makeup on. They'll do great on cosplays, clubbings or whenever you feel like looking like a doll.
Enlarging Effect: 4/5 I have to correct my review on Soompi, these lenses enlarge.
You can see, without makeup on-they look freakish lol

EOS Flower Brown
Comfort: 5/5 Super comfortable, I wore it for more than 8 hours during my graduation. I didn't even had the time to soak them in fresh solution for 6 hours. I totally disregarded that, as soon as I got my hands on this pair.
Color and Pattern: 5/5 I love the Chocolatey and honey vibrant brown color on them and the tiny bits of greys are very interesting to look at.
They enhance the eyes beautifully, not too flashy unlike the tri tone lenses but they still give that pretty interesting look. I think many people can pull off these lenses.
Enlarging Effect: 3/5 very subtle enlarging effect, 14mm diameter. But still I love them biggrin.gif
I think they look great with or without eye makeup. They are my current favorite!

EOS G202 Grey
Comfort: 5/5 Comfortable despite the fact that they are my first bigger lenses.
Color and Pattern: 5/5 They are like Geo Angel Greys, but bigger and thicker black ring, they are very dolly.
I can't say they are natural in person but that's why I like them biggrin.gif The vibrance isn't as noticeable as the Dolly Greys.
Enlarging Effect: 5/5 They're huge xD 14.5mm that's why I recommend it if you want dolly look xD