Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Christmas Presents From Parents & Friends!

First of all I would like to greet everyone a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" xD Sorry, I've never been posting because of business. Hehe, better late than never... It's Christmas the whole December in Philippines anyway, xD
So I just want to share the gifts my parents gave me this Christmas <3

My mom got me a bottle of Victoria's Secret's Back to PINK... I love the smell so much, I sprayed it on last night after showered until now I can smell the sweet scent of it...

My mom knows that I am not a fan of Fruity (I like citrus but I am talking about Melon, pineapple, cucumber scent LOL) Scents and Flowery scents.. So I really like this, its very appealing, it smells so cute and just right for my age.

Dad got me an awesome computer microphone, for recording vocals and stuff, I like singing... xD
And he gave it to me so I can record in better quality and so I won't have to wear the headset. It's so cute ^.^ I love my parents, they sure are weird sometimes but I love them xD

Also I would love to thank Ate Grace, Tilay and Ate Kei-Jei (Singapore)
for their gifts... ^.^

Thanks Ate Grace for the package... I received stuff from Japan from her..A long sleeve shirt, a white dress, hello kitty mini stuff and a Christmas Card with Mariah Carey's perfume sprayed on it! Thanks!
Tilay (Elaine) for the very useful gifts, a vO5 Curl enhancer mousse (I Love this stuff!), Grey Eyeliner and a cellphone charm ^_^

And Kei-Jei, who's always been so generous to me ever since we met and hanged out at Singapore last August! She gave very cute leg warmers, Thigh high socks, French Manicure Set and Spa Kit! Thank you so much.... :D It's sad that I didn't get to see you when you visited Philippines... I didn't get to give you a present too T~T I really want to give you badly.. xD

Gifts doesn't have to be expensive, its the thought that really counts no matter how lame that sounds (LOL).
It's nice to give gifts from the heart and see people happy, its the essence of gift giving during Christmas.. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and please share what your parents gave you this Christmas? xD

Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream

Mom got this from Korean Online Store and it arrived suprisingly fast, like 2 days after ^.^

This is a nice addition to our BB Cream Collection xD...
I must say that I love it! My mom decided to just give it to me because she noticed that the higher the SPF of the product, her skin gets dry (her skin is super sensitive).
This BB Cream has SPF 42 o.O
I tried it once, never had a problem after using it.

The coverage is fantastic, really. It neutralizes all the redness and uneven color of some parts of the skin, and it has really good staying power. It is good as a foundation itself. I don't have any cons for this product. I really recommend it. You can read the description on the container here...
It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, it gives the right amount of moisture to the skin, but if your skin is extremely oily, I don't think it can control the oiliness.

You get a naturally flawless finish if you use this product, its not cakey up close at all. Smells pleasant, and guilt-free to use because it contains many benefits for the skin unlike using Foundations.

HerBench's Pretty When Pinched

This lip and cheek tint fro HerBench (costs around $2+) is a must have for every girl who just wants a very natural flushed cheeks and cherry lips look...

It is oil free so it decreases the possibility of having pimples when using it.
It only comes in one color though... which is like a color of red wine, but don't worry it won't look as harshly pigmented once you put it on your cheeks and lips.

I remember using the old package of it when I was in highschool, it used to be in Tube and only a cheek tint which is sooo hard to blend on cheeks especially when put over powder, it creates a very ugly effect. But they improved the product now, its more liquid and easier to blend on cheeks. I put mine usually after I put foundation on... Just make sure you blend it quickly, because it will create weird marks on your cheek if you leave it for long... and just blend it with your fingers.

It looks so natural on your lips and cheek. You won't feel like you are wearing lipgloss or lipstick at all. You still feel your own lips, very light.
And your cheeks won't look all powdery at all, just naturally blushed. ^.^

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Clean and Clear | Pimple Clearing Speed Gel

I got pimples >.<
I have two of them on my left cheek and a little one on my right... >.<
And whenever I have pimples... They take such a long time to disappear and when they disappear they leave scars/marks T~T

So I gave this product a try... It costs $2.40 here and its suppose to dry and clear up your zits after a day of application. And I like this product, it works... My pimples aren't completely gone but they sure heal faster than putting nothing at all.

I can feel the zits becoming flat and dry now xD
Hopefully, they are gone before our Christmas Reunion Party...

~Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial~

Just in time for Christmas! xD

This tutorial is super easy and pretty. It will also save you money from going to nail salons.


Nail Polish (Colored)
White Nail Polish
Glittery Nail Polish
A pair of scissors
masking tape

Step by Step:

Paint your nails with the colored nail polish...
And wait until they are completely dry.

We are going to use the famous tape method smile.gif
To create the stencil, we cut a strip of the masking tape and then divide and cut them
(diagonally into half) and stick them on the nail forming them like this:

Now, you won't have to worry if you mess up ^.^
Apply the white nail polish.

And then, no need to wait for it to completely dry..
Apply the glittery polish over the white polish now...

And then remove the tapes carefully (going to the diagonal direction)
And we're done ^.^ Repeat for every nail!

(excuse the thumb part, I kinda messed it up because I left it too long before I removed the tape sweatingbullets.gif )
TIP: Remove the tape immediately after you out the white and glittery polish.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Struggle for Perfect Skin

I can say that my skin has improved a lot by the time I really got obsessed about it- but I am still trying to achieve super smooth, flawless, poreless (xD), porcelain skin...but with limited budget! >_<

(Please Excuse my weird pictures, I didn't put makeup on, no PS too)

I don't have perfect skin yet.. My skin is combination of oily and dry.
Sometimes I get bumps.. and whenever I get pimples, they leave marks - that are very hard to get rid of. I also hate that my under eyes (they get dark and baggy easily) What I use for my skin:

I exfoliate twice a week with St. Ives Apricott Scrub.
I do egg white mask twice a week.
I use DHC Cleansing Oil as makeup remover (I love it!)
Kojic Acid Soap as my face soap. But when I feel like my skin is dry I use a The milky foamy face wash from Loreal after I use the Kojic Acid Soap. After that, I apply toner, The Face Shop's Quick and Clean Toner...(Yawn) Then moisturize with Celeteque (for night) and Olay White Radiance (for day) and then use Olay Total Effects Eye Cream.

I must say that the Eye Cream really works! I've been using it for some weeks now, and I noticed the changes on under my eyes, believe it or not, I have tiny lines. But they are now fading and lightening. The only off about this is that it has weird smell xD

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

I finally got myself a Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. What I love about this is that it curls my eyelash quickly unlike my old Eyelash Curler (Fanny Serrano) I have to wait for some seconds to curl the lashes. And what I really love about this SU Eyelash curler is that it curls even the tiniest or shortest eyelash I have, considering that I have really short ones. xD No wonder why its the top eyelash curler brand.

But its expensive compared to regular eyelash curlers, but I got it for a cheap price in Ebay. Bwaha! xD So yeah, if you want a good eyelash curler, you won't go wrong with Shu Uemura's ^_^

The Influence of Soompi (Forums)

I love Soompi it's the only community forum that I found really fun, informative and super cool.
I just joined last September and I already have like 457 posts... While the number of posts that I have on IMVU Forum (been a member for 3 years) is only 261.

I am a Beauty and Fashion Section lurker.

I guess its because the people tackle important and everyday dilemma topics that occur to people, its so easy to speak up your mind, make friends, share thoughts/concerns and ideas because I found the Soompi Members really smart, kind, casual and not intimidating.

Asian people is its most dominant members, maybe that is why I feel so belong in there LOL.
And these are the things that I've learned from Soompi so far...

♥ I learned to convince myself to buy stuff online... and also influenced my mom and now my mom is addicted to Ebay :D
♥ I learned so many beauty tips, like home remedies, recommended skincare and costmetic products.
♥ I also learned more about FOB Fashion
♥ I bought DHC Eye Tonic, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler because of Soompi
♥ BB Creams, I also told my mom about them and its become her Holy Grail
♥ I learned so many makeup ideas
♥ It made me more comfortable about myself
♥ I share ideas I learned from Soompi to my friends who aren't Soompi members. (Makes me look so smart ROFL jk)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How I did my nails yesterday

My mom said that my nails are wayyy too long already. So I decided to cut them shorter >_<

The fact about long nails is that you always get the tendency to make typos. It's so hard to type on keyboard especially on Laptop keyboards. It's also hard to stick circle lenses and put them out. They are also high maintenance, like must wash hands and put sanitizer all the time because they are most likely to have dirt easily which is bad if you have the habit of touching your face all the time. So yeah, I cut my nails shorter and painted them yesterday.

I hear about this technique everywhere, but it never hurts to share again xD
For those of you who can't create a perfect french tip.. this is how we do it. First we need the nail colored polish and a white one and a tape. Any kind of tape as long as its sticks.

So this is how, I did mine... The picture's kinda self explanatory already but I will love to explain again. xD
1. Paint our entire finger nails with any color you want.
2. Let it dry completely.
3. Cut a tape (you don't have to cut the curve shape)
4. Put the tape on your fingernails and shape it while you stick it to create a curve (I hope you know what I mean xD)
5. Pain the tips white (you wont have to worry making a mess now!)
6. After painting, immediately remove the tape.
7. And you have a perfect french tip! YAY!
8. Repeat Repeat!

♥ Goldy Pink Makeup Tutorial♥

by Oyen
Originally inspired by AngelaBaby's Makeup

This is optional, put on circle lens. (I wore GEO Ash Wings)

Start with clean face and then moisturize (I used Olay White Radiance Cream)

Prepare Foundation.. I mixed the liquid foundation and skin brightener.
LOL If you are wondering why I have lots of anti aging products, >.< mom buys them but she gets allergic to them so I use them instead.

Face Shimmer for radiant skin effect

I used this Victoria Secret blush for contouring and it also gives a very nice sheen.

I used this cheap shadow stick as a base for my eyeshadow. Spread it all over the lids.

Bronze and dark bronze eyeshadow palette.

Apply the darker shade to the outer corners of the
eyelid and at the bottom lids (this blending looks prettier on monolids)

Apply Liquid eyeliner...

Black eyeliner pencil at the lower lids.

Get a white eyeshadow and highlight the inner corners of the eye and brow bone.

Curl eyelashes and apply Mascara <3 src="" style="vertical-align: middle;" emoid=":)" alt="smile.gif" border="0">

Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks, chin and sides of the nose to accentuate facial features. (preferably peach to orange-ish shade)

Apply Lipstick! (pinkish tone) CoverGirl's IncrediFull lipcolor in Plush Blush

Last! I I styled my hair with flat iron, I kinda semi curled the edges for dolly curls.

And done!

The contouring and bronze and stuff are more visible on these pics xD

Thanks for viewing happy.gif

Monday, December 8, 2008

TheFaceShop Products Wishlist <3


Boron Nitride & Silicone elastomer -->Smooth texture with cushion feel
Light-weight formula
Sebum control powder-->Absorbs sebum for a fresher, longer lasting makeup application
Oil-free, non-sticky makeup base helps skin banish unwanted shine for fresh makeup. Green neutralizes redness and evens out skin tone.
1. W/S Type: Smoothing and perfecting the skin with the silicone base.
2. Complete coverage: Simply creates flawless-looking skin in minutes.(Especially, very effective for blemishes, freckles, dark spots and acne marks)
3. Dual purpose concealer  helps save time to hide imperfections quickly.
Skin-friendly natural wax extracted from Olive protects moisture loss and provides silky finish. Skin loos comfortable and naturally beautiful

Baked (Terra Cotta) method was used --> - Absolutely outstanding lasting power.
- No Fly away of pigments. (Excellent adhesive power)
80% shimmering pigment --> Highly glowing finish.
Mulit-use: Can be used as shadow. ( Use a wet sponge tip brush to give more intense color on eyes)
1. Absolutely Outstanding Lasting Power.
2. No Fly Away Of Pigments. (Excellent Adhesive Power)
3. High In Shimmer But Tiny Sparkles Give Elegant And Glamorous Finish.
4. It Is Very Compact, Convenient Size To Carry Around And Contains A Tip Sponge Brush.
Liquid type real tint
Provides natural looking color

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Celeteque Water Based Moisturizer

Celeteque Water-Based Moisturizer contains a combination of humectants occlusive moisturizers, which dermatologists believe to be essential ingredients in skin moisturization. Lastly, studies (medically administered and consumer usage tests showed that Celeteque Water-Based Moisturizer smoothen rough and dry skin.

This is my current moisturizer and been using it for 4 days now. I love it! It's not oily or sticky, very light and it hydrates my skin very well. I use this after applying my Quick and Clean Toner. I really don't have sensitive skin and I don't have that much skin problems like pimples and stuff. So I guess I can recommend this to anyone who has quite good skin to start with because all it does is moisturize, it doesn't have that much healing properties. However, because its water based and oil free, it won't aggreviate pimples if ever. :D

I also have this weird thinking or maybe its just psychological, that moisturizers that are creamy and white are causing white heads... I don't know. So with this Celeteque moisturizer, its clear liquid gel like form.

It provides a good base before foundation, but unlike other moisturizers, it won't feel heavy with makeup at all because its water based.

Celeteque is a UNILAB Product and it is available in drugstores and Watson's all over the Philippines for Php170 / $2.7 (approximately)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Recent Stuff <3

Vintage Nerdy Glasses are trendy right now! Couldn't find the wayfer style ones around at at SM, so I just settled on these pair. They are available in 3 colors: dark blue, brown and black. So I got the brown one... xD

Guess how much? $2.5!!!
It's really hard for me to find eyeglasses that fits my face, I hate that.. But the first time I tried this and looked in the mirror I was like "Woah! They are big.. but they look very cool!" My mom and dad actually thought that I kinda look adorable in them (teehee!) I'll post pictures of me wearing them sometime (of course, promise!)

So yeah, I picked the brown one because black will be too common, and brown has more vintagey vibe. It's like picking brown eyeliner instead of black xD
Checkered/Tartan printed clothes are so "in" this season! Just last two weeks ago I bought 3 tops.

As mom and I were strolling on Nepo Mall (LOL) We saw a lot of pretty tartan clothes, some of them are blindingly very kawaii!!!

Then I got my eyes glued on this pr
etty dress, the first time I saw it I knew it's going to be mine...

Its only availabe in 2 colors, this one (blue) and green. I love the blue one, it also comes with the pretty black belt.

Good thing it fitted on me because it only has 1 size available (YAY!) I wonder when I should wear it...

I feel like wearing it with stockings or heels or black boots! Its so versatile I can wear it with a tank top underneath and leave some buttons unbuttoned.

And the skirt part is very cute, its layered xD

Mom gave me this handbag-she said that its her advance Christmas present! I am a first time bag lover and currently own 2 bags only at the moment. xD

I love its smallish size, perfect for the things I usually bring like money and beauty stuff LOL

It's Jimmy Choo :D