Saturday, November 29, 2008

Watsons' Hot Eyelash Curler Thingy

Just want to warn people especially in the Philippines, not to waste money on this stuff.
Well maybe it can work for you, but not for me! It doesn't do anything at all... it's battery operated, when you turn it on the rubber thing heats up for more effective curled eyelashes- but not effective on mine >.<>
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r, and it sucks because even without batter, it doesn't even curl a single lash-it's weird.


Tiffany said...

My sister actually has that in blue =P
her friend gave it to her when she went to HK

I'm guessing this product only works for some people.. because it works really well for me... but for her.. the curler only last for a certain amount of time before that curl starts to "fade"

I don't know if it's due to the amount of mascara you put on (I usually put on like 4 -5 coats X_X).. so it might be why it stays but i don't know =P.. but the curler is really cute!

clear♥wing said...

Good that it works for you.. I prefer the regular metal eyelash curlers over this.

Anonymous said...

I almost bought this one until I found one in pen form. I heard it's pretty good for touch ups. Just waiting for the shipment : ]

ĴůĽ|ĕ Ting Zhao Ying said...

I bought this Watsons' Hot Eyelash Curler too!

And feel the same as you.

Money-wasting product. >.<

(and I'm impatient to wait the curler heat up, metal curler is much more efficient!)