Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Clean and Clear | Pimple Clearing Speed Gel

I got pimples >.<
I have two of them on my left cheek and a little one on my right... >.<
And whenever I have pimples... They take such a long time to disappear and when they disappear they leave scars/marks T~T

So I gave this product a try... It costs $2.40 here and its suppose to dry and clear up your zits after a day of application. And I like this product, it works... My pimples aren't completely gone but they sure heal faster than putting nothing at all.

I can feel the zits becoming flat and dry now xD
Hopefully, they are gone before our Christmas Reunion Party...

~Candy Cane Nail Art Tutorial~

Just in time for Christmas! xD

This tutorial is super easy and pretty. It will also save you money from going to nail salons.


Nail Polish (Colored)
White Nail Polish
Glittery Nail Polish
A pair of scissors
masking tape

Step by Step:

Paint your nails with the colored nail polish...
And wait until they are completely dry.

We are going to use the famous tape method smile.gif
To create the stencil, we cut a strip of the masking tape and then divide and cut them
(diagonally into half) and stick them on the nail forming them like this:

Now, you won't have to worry if you mess up ^.^
Apply the white nail polish.

And then, no need to wait for it to completely dry..
Apply the glittery polish over the white polish now...

And then remove the tapes carefully (going to the diagonal direction)
And we're done ^.^ Repeat for every nail!

(excuse the thumb part, I kinda messed it up because I left it too long before I removed the tape sweatingbullets.gif )
TIP: Remove the tape immediately after you out the white and glittery polish.