Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wet hair on the go? NOT!

Haha, so I saw this topic on Soompi... like "Do you go to school with messy hair?" and then I thought, during highschool until now... I see people with messy hair and WORSE.. I see people who go out with their hair still all WET.

Its so common here in the Philippines. I always knew that its not proper to go out and let people see you with your hair still all wet.. but there are times (but hardly) where I am really in a hurry that I go out with my hair half wet. I feel terrible for those days though.

So girls should know now that leaving your house with your hair still wet is so unproper and ugly - might as well leave your house with your towel LOL.


Anonymous said...

sorry but i don't see what's the big deal with going out with wet hair.

some people don't have time to blow dry or whatever in the morning since that takes at least like 10 mins.

when i see someone with wet hair i dont go "omg!! ew! she's gross cuz she just washed her hair and that's totally unladylike and makes her look ugly!!"
i'd acutally be reassured that she's clean and didn't leave the house unshowered and dirty.

miemiemie said...

i'm guilty..hahaha i always always leave the house with my hair wet..why? first, my hair is uber freakn dries after 5-6hours..second,i never found the need to blowdry my hair or even use a fan to dry it because it ends up being there.haha i don't mind leaving the house with wet hair :)

Oyen said...

I don't blowdry my hair, I just wait for it airdry. xD Hey I don't mean to offend anyone, everyone has their own views right? That's why I have my blog :D Its just that for me, it makes me think that the person is in a serious hurry to go out with her hair all dripping wet. I really don't like it.

april v said...

hey girl you have a lovely complexion lol
personally i cant put too much products on my skin coz im allergic/sensitive..
so i was wondering what other methods u use ie i saw u mentioned steaming but i dont know how lol im such an amateur!
and stuff like food...what do u eat???

my complexion is TERRIBLE ever since spring started over here

clear♥wing said...

Aww, sad... My mom suffers the same case too- her skin is so sensitive that she can't try other products, but stick on tried and tested. It's sad though coz you won't be having the chance to experiment on which products work or not. But you can try a million other alternatives? xD I am not health conscious, but I only eat junks occasionally. I am not vegetarian,no! xD I just eat normal xD rice and stuff.

On steaming, you just boil water and put it on a bowl, lean your face towards it (but not too near!) it will open up your pores once you feel all sweaty. It's the best time to remove white/black heads by applying mask :) You can try the egg white mask if your skin is too sensitive.

len said...

hi ate oyen, I usually go to school with wet hair unless its weekends :D
cause I always wake up late -_-"

I love my hair when wet if the weather is cold, it will become very smooth and straight. hehe