Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wigs Review!

Story 10 (Red Brown)
from GabalStory Wigs

I've had this haircolor way back 2 years ago. This wig came out too long for me so I had to trim it 3 inches. I don't mind wearing it in public even though the color might be too loud for people haha! The quality of this wig is very good, its strong to hold styles, you can tie it, clip it and trim it more to suit your style.

From Ebay, Dark Brown Wig

This also came out super long, to butt level, so I had my mom cut it for me, the color's exactly my natural hair color. Nice quality, the strands are thinner and feels like real hair. This wig is thick. I also had to cut the bangs shorter.

From Ebay, Dark Blond
Dolly Curls

I wish it didnt have the bob on it, but anyways, I don't think I can wear this in public? xD Its just so hard to pull off x.x

Hope you enjoyed the wig reviews LOL :P

Monday, November 16, 2009

Can't wait for my wigs to arrive its been more than 20 days already! LOL

Anyway, I don't worry coz I know they'll arrive anyway.

Last night I went to Marquee Mall and found really nice wigs, I was torn with all the styles so I chose this long, curly one with long side bangs (that I trimmed this morning LOL)

I didn't know the Kanekalon fiber wigs were already available here, plus they are cheap. I went to other wigs stores here and they wigs cost a lotttt. Like thousand pesos plus and they're ugly quality, old style synthetic and the styles are so old fashioned already haha!. But this one I bought is just Php619! Nice buy! But they have limited colors, they only have dark dark almost black color for every long hairstyle. I was looking for a light brown shade, but black's okay enough for me to try :)

It's my first time buying and wearing a wig and I can say that they aren't really that comfortable especially when the weather is really hot, sometimes your real hair inside the wig gets itchy. But it will totally give you new look without styling your hair :)

I get obsessed brushing it xD coz I wanted the curls to separate and because I want big volumized hair. So I'll beging my review for this.

Name: Sorry I forgot the brand name coz I took out the tag to quickly and threw it x.x
Color: 8/10 natural black, its nottoo black it still has brown tinge on it. But I still prefer myself with a lighter brown color.
Style: 9/10 the bangs were kinda tricky to fix, I trimmed the bangs shorter.

Pictures, you decide if it looks nice :)

Okay I really cant wait for my other 3 wigs to arrive! >.<

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Addicted to Wigss!!!

So I already ordered a wig from Gabal Story, an expensive one... but after searching for more and saw other different styles and colors- I got really addicted... So I ordered two more but this time from Ebay... they're way cheaper. Made me doubt the sellers and the wigs because they are way cheaper than my first one. Like, they cost approximately $18 each. Oh well I took the risk and paid already, the sellers are quite nice, very fast communication. And I am really hoping the wigs will turn out the same as in the picture.

I ordered these two in the picture same color and style.. One is really dark brown or black I can't tell if its really black but its straight and has cute side bangs, its for the days when I just want a simple hairstyle without actually spending minutes styling my hair trying to look perfect (but its not like my hair is still that long anymore x.x) And the second one... the description said its "dark blond" I have no idea how "LIGHT" it can be in real life waaah! But I like the color in the picture though..I hope its not unnaturally bright in real life because I don't want to catch too much attention when I wear it in public. O.O but whatever... I kinda like it because it looks unique, girly and volumized! I'm not so sure if it will suit me though haha! I can't wait for my wigs to arrive already!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ordered Wig from Gabal Story :)

Wee, I ordered A Gabal Story wig (Korea) from Soompi, and its gonna take a month or so for me to receive it, its either I'll get this style or the second style..color brown or red brown... But I am hoping to get this one. :)
The seller said that cold water is most recommended for washing these type of wigs, the curls and style are permanent, they aren't heat resistant so it is forbidden to blow dry and use hot tools on them... Though they are high quality and look really natural in real life, you can style them, put them in pony tail, pigtails, trim or whatever as long as there's no heating involved.Love the curlsss!!! <3 I ordered this red brown color or if there's none, Brown.
This is my second option, the one that they'll get me incase the first one is out of stock already...

Looks really cute,eh? I want the Brown one though and I am not a fan of the bangs but I can side swept it if I want :)

So natural looking! I won't even have to spend my time styling my hair haha!

Can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Geo Two Tone Green Lenses Review

Comfort: Very comfortable for me, I've worn them for more than 8 hours already and didn't feel irritation at all.
Color: I love the color so much, it doesn't stand out much-very natural and doesn't give that fake green appearance. It's also noticeable even on naturally dark brown eyes.
Pattern: You can still see the pixelly pattern if you look real closely... but it's okay it can still pass as natural.
Enlarging Effect: Not much since it doesn't have limbal ring but it does enlarge quite a bit, but not like the Nudy series.

Overall I really like them, best green lenses from Geo since I hate the ones with sunburst in the middle making me look like a lizard or some sort of villain hehe...(ex. Geo Twins, Geo 3 Tone) These are good green lenses and I recommend them to everyone. They look especially nice with Pale skin and dark hair because the color really pops. and recommended to wear with eyeliner or long falsies to look nice!
Too lazy to upload my camwhoring pics, hehe you can just check them out at My Facebook.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reviews Reviews Reviews

I got my hair dye done in a salon 3 weeks ago, Light ash brown, when I came out of the salon my hair was so dark hint of brown. But the the person who dyed my hair said that my hair will become lighter after a week of washing. My hair is now less orange :)

The crest whitening strips really work! I have a couple of the strips still unused, because after 3 days of using them, everyone already noticed the results.

This toner is LOVE, I love how it leaves my skin refreshed anytime of the day, I bought a atomizer bottle and filled it with this, so I can bring it anywhere and I use it as a face mist, it doesn't rut ruakeup and leaves skin hydrated and refreshed. And I never had monthly breakout. But a little warning though for people who have extremely oily skin, because this might make your skin too oily. The scent is like fresh roses which doesn't really bother me, the scent goes away few seconds after you apply it.
It is a lengthening mascara, not a volumizing one, so I suggest you to use a volumizing mascara coat first and then finish with this one. It DOES lengthen your lashes bigtime. I love this mascara because it NEVER EVER smudges or flake or anything, stays all day with consistency, plus its so easy to remove. Curling your eyelashes before applying this might be a waste of time because after you put on this mascara, your lashes won't look curled instead they get straight, so its better to curl the lashes after you apply this mascara and don't forget to wait for them to dry first. The brush kinda makes the application a little messy, but I'm okay with it, since its so easy to wipe the stains going on my eyelids.

Here are my eyelashes after application, sorry I accidentally deleted the before pics, but trust me, my natural lashes are so thin and short. I especially love how I can apply coats on my bottom lashes and make them look longer, its a very WOW overall look.

This is the makeup base I got from Etude House, it basically preps your skin before foundation/powder application. It minimizes pores appearance, makes the skin look vibrant and alive and I love the baby powder smell so much!

And lastly, my favorite product that I bought is the SkinFood illuminizer, I forgot to take the picture of it, its this yellowish powder that has super tiny micro shimmer that when you put into your skin, the powder turns into a beautiful light pink color. It instantly makes the skin so vibrant, glowing and look more 3 dimensional!

I know you missed me! :P

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mini Splurge on Makeup and SkinCare

I purchased some stuff online, gawd online shopping is so addicting!
And these are the following:

1. Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner
Eversince I started using natural remedies like egg white mask, I figured I should start with my skincare as well... I heard so many great reviews on MakeupAlley about this toner.. that its non drying (coz its alcohol free), contains rose petal essence blah, witch haze which is good for pimples and blemishes (I think) and doesn't contain random chemical ingredients that we normally see on typical toners. I'll make a review so don't worry! This really sounds interesting.

2. Imju DEJAVU Fiberwig Mascara (black)
Haha, finally the famous mascara, I really hope it works for me.

3. Etude House Baby Skin Makeup Base
My first ever Etude House cosmetic! So excited for it...I really hope it will smooth the skin and minimize the pores...

4. SkinFood T&I Powder highlighter
First ever skinfood cosmetic that I will own, it looks so pretty.

5. Crest WhiteStrips Classic
I wanna try it coz of the great reviews because unfortunately, I am not one of the people who are blessed with super white teeth xD

Got experiences with these products already? Please comment about them ^_^ I will be so glad to hear.

Just an Update About Me? Where have I been!?

Yeah i know, the last time you heard from me my laptop got broken! Well.. I got a new rocking desktop while my laptop was getting now the laptop is also fixed but I am loving the desktop more.. coz I got trauma HAHA!

Well anyways, I am currently in a Culinary School! Yup I love cooking and culinary school makes me so busy and enjoy! But don't worry I'll keep my blog updated from now on... if I can.

So yeah, my hair is so much longer, and still growing it..and lately I've been breaking out like crazy waaah! (I really don't know why...maybe coz of stress and cooking?) I lost some pounds. Wee.

LOL, here are some random pictures that you missed LOL! (for some reason, I look kinda better when I am not the one taking pictures of myself?! LOL)
Guess where am I? LOL duh.. (I'm with friends @ Isdaan @ Tarlac, great place)

Me on left, typical discussion moments...
I closed my eyes! >.< YAY, uniforms :) Where am I?
Of course, I do get bored too sometimes haha..drawing by me using crappy pen.
I forgot to mention th
Random photo sessions... (i love this photos, coz I think i kinda lookie like my idol angelaby here.IWISH! haha)

Okay DONE!

Angela Baby Skin Glow and Cherry Lips Tutorial

Hello guys! I am officially back! I missed you all, especially Tune! Hi!
So i just wanna share a tutorial...

Lip tints/stains are so in right now! They make a super great alternative for heavy lipsticks/lipglosses.. Low maintenance (depends on the one you get) and super sweet but noticeable effect and not to mention, very natural looking.

And I also love how Angelababy's makeup so vibrant, flawless and porcelain. She's got naturally beautiful skin, but I just discovered a makeup trick for us people who doesnt have her perfect skin hehe!

So lets start...(please click the photos to view full resolution)
These are the cosmetics I used.. I forgot to put the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler xD
Start with a cleansed face with your regimen..toner, moisturizer.. and apply BB Cream.
And then apply concealer to hide away dark circles and stuff..
Dust on Mineral Foundation. I like this wet and wild one, its not thick and heavy.
Curl the lashes...
Apply Mascara... Lately I've been liking the thick mascara/curled lashes look without the eyliner... It looks very innocent.
To get AngelaBaby's secret skin makeup, apply Illuminizer slightly on the apples of the cheeks, chin and nose bridge to give yourself a 3 dimensional look and healthy glow. Don't go overboard with it, because you might look just oily.
And then apply blush on, my blush on comes with extra illuminzer and gives a super pretty pink glow on my cheeks.
And lastly! The Lip Stain/Tint... I just got mine from Fashion21, its super long lasting and this shade is really pretty and I like it so much. The color intensity is buildable. Don't forget to put on lip balm before this to avoid drying of the lips!
And we're done! All pictures were taken with flash for precision. This is how my face ended up after the makeup. Glowing and vibrant just like Angelababy's LOL! (no photoshop)
Ciaoooo! its nice to be back :)