Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm getting addicted to Circle Lenses!!!

As of now... I have 7 pairs and I started buying circle lens just last October.

So I will tell you how it all started... I was looking at some youtube makeup tutorial videos and I really got interested at those makeup tutorials for asian monolids (asian girls with no double eyelid) on how to make them appear bigger as in "anime-like"

So yeah, I got there... and then I heard about these Ulzzangs (means Best Face in Korea) Ulzzangs are like Internet Idols. They are really pretty like (I wish I was an ulzzang xD In my dreams) So yeah, I heard that they use eyelid glue (to create double eyelid) and circle lenses (they are like contact lenses but they are actually bigger than the diameter of your iris-the main purpose is to make them appear bigger and brigter and more open-sounds interesting right)

So yeah! I went to google and typed 'circle lens' and I saw these pretty Korean Girl who wear them and then I got into Soompi Community Forum, I signed up and I've been lurking on their Circle Lens Thread - show casing circle lens review and gallery and stuff. And I was like... man, I feel so frustrated, where am I gonna get these lens because I am sure that they don't sell these at the Optical shops. But eventually - because I am just pure awesome and everythings so good on me, I got to have them! xD

These are my lenses as of now:

GEO CK 105 -- newest and I LOVE THEM
GEO Twins Blue
GEO Twins Green
GEO Nudy BLue
GEO Nudy Green
GEO Honey Wing
GEO Ash Wing


miemiemie said...

sis how did you pay dun sa site/url ng seller of circle lens na binigay mo sakin? reliable ba? magkano naman total na nagastos mo sa shipping and per pair? sorry ha dami ko tanong..and do they sell them kahit may grade?

clear♥wing said...

Of course :) Very reliable. Per pair is 700+ with shipping na yun ^_^ Yes, some of the lenses are available with grade.

Lee Min said...

Hey can you tell me where you bought your Ck-105? Or at least where I could buy it? Thank you ^^ Please email me if you can at :D Your skin is so pretty, I'll stick with your shared routines :D

clear♥wing said...

Thank you Lee Min :)

Anonymous said...

hi,, im ruthie's (Tilay) frnd,, im wondering where can I order that "circle lenses witg grade,,(i find them cute) ♥
pls txt ate ruthie for me to know.. tnx much,,,

familiar ka... im also a CS grad... batch 2002..


Lei said...

Hey oyen! :D Does the CK-105 enlarge your irises? Like, is there a difference that you can see?
Demoi doesn't have stock on CK-105 anymore. T___________T But she recommended me CK-107 and that they're just similar, unless close up. XD

!Lei said...

Oh, and the reason why I'm asking is because I have big irises, around 13mm.. o.o;;;

Oyen said...

They are just the same, they have same diameter and creates and enlarge also, your irises are approximately 13mm? GEO lenses are 14 naman. And for me there's difference. ^^ Your eyes will look cleaner, and more innocent xD

!Lei said...

Yep, I held a 6 inch ruler and measured my iris. XD; Oh okay, so the 1mm makes a difference? Woah. o.o;;
:D Thank you~!

Anonymous said...

did you say the cost 700$ per pair?

Oyen said...

700 pesos* lol

Alice said...

Wow! That's a lot of circle lenses. xD You look pretty with them! :]

Ah, um, I've been doing research on circle lenses and I'm hoping to buy a pair myself. XD But I'm not sure which sellers are reliable. >_< I don't want to buy any defective lenses that are harmful for my eyes. I was wondering where you get those Geo Ash/Honey wings lenses?
Thank you! ^____^

Anonymous said...

sis..i'm planing to buy green lens from geo..i found it have so many variety of design patterns..i dont know which one i hope u can share ur oppinion about email can ym with u..btw i'm from malaysia..i found ur blog when i'm looking for geo green contact lens..i'm adore ur blog verry much...verry nice beauty tips u give...u also so preety awesome..

Anonymous said...

heyy! (:
wow you have so much ! i only have one circle lens so far xD i have the Geo angel blue, but its really dark and cant really notice. Im looking for a bright and noticeable circle lens. Do yu have any recommendation? Are the Geo twins blue bright???

malanah_1000 said...

id like to know about CK-105
how it looks on the eyes?
i think its very black which makes the eyes weird.
do you recommend me to buy it??

Anonymous said...

where did you get those clear blue cases?