Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hair Extensions!

Sorry for not updating much! XD
So my extensions arrived 2 days ago they arrived so quickly,
Disadvantage of getting them online was the color didn't match my hair at all totally not what I expected! I had to dye them darker to match the darkness of my hair, so far the color is closer to my real hair. But I chose the one with the highlights on, so that when its clipped on my real hair, I will have instant highlights yeah!

But they still need to be colored to achieve the little copper tint of my hair. whew~ Maybe next week I will do that, I'll let them rest for now.

They are also originally 20 inches long, but had to trim them coz they were too long for me, they're 18 inches now. I also had to cut my hair a little bit more. I had to get more layers for the extensions to blend and to trim off my dry ends. xD

My real hair now (I know its so short >.<, its been damaged) My hair extensions
When your hair is short, and you are planning to wear clip ons, its better if they are wavy than straight- so it will camouflage your short hair much better. I curled mine using rollers, left them overnight. Human hair extensions, although you can apply heat on them, I'd rather not xD

Pictures with them on, SPAMMM!
You can totally notice the difference of the color between my real hair and the extensions.