Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Face Shop's BB Cream

What is a BB Cream?

It's not "in" in the Philippines, yet. But it's really popular in Korea. BB stands from Blemish Balm, its a cream that you can use as a foundation. But unlike typical foundation that does nothing to your skin but harm it (just like any other makeup), BB Creams have benefit for the skin.

Some of the common benefits of BB Cream are:

1. Evens out skintone instantly (like a foundation)
2. Conceals blemishes and redness
3. Its filled with nutrients that helps improve your skin
4. Mostly have SPF as protection from sun and skin cancer
5. Its also a healing cream because it heals scars.
6. Some has whitening and anti aging properties

So why use a regular foundation if you can enjoy having beautiful skin with or without makeup on? xD When I first heard about BB Creams I researched some popular brands and reviews.

But I went to The Face Shop at SM Pampanga since I knew that its a Korean Beauty Store... and I found a BB Cream!

The Skin Extra BB Cream wth SPF 2o. I love it, I use it as my foundation.. It naturally covers blemishes and redness. The scent is pleasing. And it doesn't wear off.

I also won't have to use Sunscreen since it has SPF already. I'm running out of the tube already and will consider buying again. It's also kinda pricey I think I bought it for Php700+

But then again it's worth it


miemiemie said...

hey dear,this is isha_himitsu from soompi :) you live in pampanga? hahaha..wala lang,i live in angeles city kasi :) you mentioned buying the bb cream from sm pampanga kasi..anyway, is it nice? the bb cream from skinfood broke me out :(

Oyen said...

YES! I also live in Angeles xD Hehe! Yeah, the face shop (has a branch in SM Pampanga) has really good products (I am a fan of The Face Shop) and their BB Cream (The Skin) is really good, I have combination skin though (oily and dry) it didn't make me break out and has enough coverage. You should try it ;P

miemiemie said...

maybe i will :) layo kasi ng sm pampanga satin dito noh? if you don't mind, nagaaral ka pa ba? you look so young kasi hehe :) i have combination skin as well.

clear♥wing said...

Yeah >.< Twice a month lang kami nakakapunta dun. I'm 20 and still studying. Where did you get your skinfood? Because I've always wanted to try it.

miemiemie said...

oh..how much yung sa face shop? got mine from skinfood sa trinoma branch sa manila :) kainis lang sa skinfood,either shade 1 or 2 may pinkish base..:(

clear♥wing said...

I think the face shop is suitable for fair skin with yellow undertones

Anonymous said...

do they sell the bb cream online :O ?

Anonymous said...

wow! you also live in Pampanga! I'm from San Fernando, I also use TFS' BB Cream and I like it a lot! BTW, can I get the link kung san mo binili yung slouchy beret mo? I really want one!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello Oyen! since you like to use BB Cream, i want to share some info about the most famous BB Cream nowadays in Taiwan. The name is L'EGERE Blemish Balm.

you can email me questions if you are interested to try it out.

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lyzacruz88 said...

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Jenny said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Owen ! i am also from pampanga and i am looking for a bb cream since i heard about it. sa Ground floor ba yung Face shop?