Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Face Shop's Quick & Clean Toner

I've been wanting to achieve perfect and flawless skin and
I've learned that in order to improve your skintone (if you are really vain like me), you have to spend extra $$$ to achieve this, sadly.

So yeah, me and mom went to The Face Shop at SM Pampanga to look for some beauty stuff. And I found this toner, the saleslady said that its the same toner that she uses... And her skin is really nice from what I see. So I decided to buy it
. It costs almost Php500 though its really worth it!

I super love it! The smell is so pleasant... It has active ingredient like Tea Trea Oil (which is a great antibacterial to get rid of extra dirt that clogs the pores) and lemon extract (which is also good for the blemishes and pimples, etc)

So far I haven't break out yet.. it leaves my ski
n baby soft and noticed some improvements like smaller pores. Now I only have to find a good moisturizer...

But yeah, I recommend this to people who have combination (oily and dry) skin.


edz.08 said...

will this really get rid of pimples? and can it help me get rid of my black heads?

ĴůĽ|ĕ Ting Zhao Ying said...

Thanks for introducing this! ^^

janice said...

thanks for the review. im so afraid that i will regret it after spending SG$70 on Quick & Clean products( foam wash, toner and hydro fluid). once again. thanks.


hey there,i wish to know you wear that toner like how many time?just in the morning or both in the morning and at night???

Anonymous said...

I just bought this a while ago. I have oily skin..and the ingredients contain oil..I tried it at the store and felt like my skin was soft but then an hour later my skin looked oily. Should I return it?