Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weight loss, diet and workout blah!

Hi, as most of you didn't know.. I was struggling for weight loss last year!
Ever since we lost our weighing scale, I couldn't keep track of my weight, I gain and lose pounds easily but last year was the most super! Lol.

So I wasn't veryyy muchhh happy about it, as I saw my picture taken last April 2009 D:
So I worked hard to lose those pounds off, it wasn't easy. You know what they say? That when you get older, its harder for you to diet? It's kinda true.

So what I did was just diet and exercise everyday!
You'll see the progress here:

At first I was too strict with my diet. Like only eating vegetables and fishes, but it did not work for me because it just made me sadder-not being able to eat what I want and I love food xD
So yeah, I took it little by little. For my diet I did:

Cut my soda intake and commercial sugared/flavored drinks... I only drink water.
Avoid fried foods as much as possible.
Do not eat 3 hours before sleeping.
Always drink water while eating, not literally. I mean alternate xD
Fruits and yogurt as my snack. I don't skip meals, I still eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but small meals only.
I avoid too salty too sweet foods.
I am not a sweet tooth so its easy for me to cut off baked products.
I get conscious about the fat content and calories of foods, its like an obsession now.
I eat all I want during Sunday yey!!

This is my picture 2 days ago, I look really thin but its just the camera angle, hence my big head LOL. 100 pounds weight. My problem areas are my arms and tummy.

For my workout, I don't do this all everyday. But I see to it, I do one or two of them each day.

Bellydancing (for 30 minutes or sometimes 45 minutes)
Wii Gold's Gym Cardio
Wii Just Dance 2
Stability Ball Exercises

But right now I still want to lose 5 more pounds, lose my belly, thinner arms and be more toned.
So yeah, I guess anyone can do it if you are really up for it. We're gonna form a group on FaceBook for girls who want to diet, we'll be sharing tips, inspiration and motivate each other to reach their goals for this year and just be confident! Once its done, I'll post the link on my blog. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Etude House is becoming a big hit here in Philippines, too!
Girls are saving their allowance to buy EH products because they feel like princesses whenever they go inside the store. I myself is also very guilty, I mean how can you not find their store cute?

So yeah, on Facebook-there is an active Etude House Philippines page where the admins are so friendly and very active, they hold contests very often and give away prizes.
I managed to join my first Etude Contest: Holiday Eyes, and luckily (with the votes of fellow princesses and management) I won the first place. Yey! I can't wait to claim my prizes.

I'll give you a sneak of my entry:
My latest EH item is an orange Lipstick (VIP girl)

I love the look of bright orange lipstick with reddish hair, I don't know why LOL

Bye old Camera, Hello new Camera

I miss my old camera (Sony DSC H50) :( but I got to move on. Reason I sold it is because its too bulky for me to bring anywhere, everyday... I couldn't keep it instead because I needed the money to buy a new one.. So here is my new camera the Samsung T600 in Pink (of course)!
Reason why I got it:
♥ Its compact, I can carry it around in my bag anytime.
♥ So shiny and pink.
♥ It has front LCD, very good for taking photos of yourself.
♥ It has very nice and convincing image filters
♥ HD video recording!
♥ Very easy to use with its smart photo and smart video modes.

So yeah, so far I am very pleased with my new camera :) That I actually bought cute accessories for it as you can see..(Thanks to SM department store)
What's also great about this camera is that it has nice macro shooting mode and wide lens.

Here's an example of macro
Here are some of the other filters:

Fish Eye 1
Fish Eye 2

This is my Christmas gift for myself :)

Red HairColor is my new BROWN!

Almost 5 weeks ago, I had my hair color done at a salon nearby. I wanted my hair red, not the punky red but decent red thats still brownish and not overly loud.
So this is my hair after few shampoos.

They dyed my hair and applied colored (red) cellophane after. Umm, I didn't like the cellophane part because it stained my shirts, pillowcases and bathroom x.x
We all know red hair dye fades so quickly compared to other colors... So this is my hair after almost 5 weeks!

Kinda turned a little orangey and lighter, the the slight pink shade faded but I think its still pretty though. I'm gonna keep my hair red for the whole year, haha!

Cute Nerdy Eyeglasses I Found!

I found a very cute and chic pair of black nerdy eyeglasses at the SM Department last Sunday, and guess how much you can get them for?! Php99 only (that's nearly $2.+) and they almost look like they're made of wood. Here, take a look :D

New Year's Resolution

These are my New Year's Resolution, I'm not expecting myself to completely follow them... But I'll write them anyway just to remind myself every time I read this post. xD

♥ Work harder to lose 3-5 pounds more!
♥ Be seriously disclipined about what I eat.
♥ Lose my belly fats xD
♥ Write more blog posts and keep it updated.
♥ To always carry my new compact camera around because its the whole point of buying one.
♥ Be more organized.
♥ Incorporate cleaning the house everyday as part of my workout.
♥ Get a real job, any job LOL
♥ Be more close to my parents. :)
♥ Will find a new source of income aside from IMVU.
♥ I would like to inspire more girls to feel great about themselves!
♥ Be a better daughter?
♥ Won't take any crap from my brothers anymore, because they can be really controlling sometimes. xD
♥ Drink more green tea! Because its good for me and you.
♥ Be more mature, like learn to ride jeepneys and commute so I can get anywhere when I get a job.
♥ Make more friends, and actually see them.
♥ Save money for bags and shoes, haha! Because I didn't care much about them before, but now I do.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Layout :D

Belated merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone!
As you have noticed, I changed my layout and fixed some elements on my blog.
It means... I'll be updating my blog more often this year :D

Later I'll post my New Year Resolution just for the fun of it haha!
See ya!