Saturday, November 29, 2008

Clear Smooth

Maybelline's Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation is water based formula.

I love this foundation because its so light and doesn't make your face look cakey with makeup and all.

I use this when I just want to go outside looking all natural. Its a great buy for people who got good skin to begin with. But if you have pimples/acne and super uneven skintone problems... This won't work for you.

I think that this works for people who got oily and sensitive skin. I haven't got pimples so far ever since I used this. It doesn't clog your pores so you won't have to worry about black heads/white heads and stuff.

Very easy to blend and very nice texture. It feels great on skin. It also doesn't smell weird since it hardly has fragrance on it.

Coverage is medium, very natural- so you have to have good skin naturally to appreciate this product.

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alice. said...

really like your beauty tips!