Sunday, October 25, 2009

Addicted to Wigss!!!

So I already ordered a wig from Gabal Story, an expensive one... but after searching for more and saw other different styles and colors- I got really addicted... So I ordered two more but this time from Ebay... they're way cheaper. Made me doubt the sellers and the wigs because they are way cheaper than my first one. Like, they cost approximately $18 each. Oh well I took the risk and paid already, the sellers are quite nice, very fast communication. And I am really hoping the wigs will turn out the same as in the picture.

I ordered these two in the picture same color and style.. One is really dark brown or black I can't tell if its really black but its straight and has cute side bangs, its for the days when I just want a simple hairstyle without actually spending minutes styling my hair trying to look perfect (but its not like my hair is still that long anymore x.x) And the second one... the description said its "dark blond" I have no idea how "LIGHT" it can be in real life waaah! But I like the color in the picture though..I hope its not unnaturally bright in real life because I don't want to catch too much attention when I wear it in public. O.O but whatever... I kinda like it because it looks unique, girly and volumized! I'm not so sure if it will suit me though haha! I can't wait for my wigs to arrive already!