Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hair highlights update and stuff!

Hello everyone, I just did my highlights few days ago and this is my update. My hair is now lightening due to shampooing and washing. And my highlights are really showing up! xD
But the problem is, the bleached parts are becoming really brassy and orangey yikess!

I've heard about purple/blue shampoo but sadly it is not available here in Philippines, I've looked everywhere.:( I saw a couple online, quite expensive though and plus, I am on a tight budget right now. So I came across a DIY on how to make purple/blue just by using food color/dye. Yey. xD I really wonder if it will work.

LOLZ I got over excited I put so much dye on my hot oil treatment cream and on sample shampoo.
I heard the results of these won't be really "instant" though there will be a noticeable change after first application. I think I have to use these blue stuff regularly to completely remove the brassiness of my hair.
My hair has become a little less brassy after using these, I think. xD Maybe next time I'll try to leave the products on longer.

LOL Starscream xD

Purple Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Hello, back with a new tutorial. This time, I've done a quite dramatic makeup look than the usual. xD
Start with a clean and moisturized face. I applied mineral powder as my foundation.
I usually use this brand, its actually very good for me, doesn't cake out or anything. Plus, its really great when I am in a hurry and don't want to spend too much time blending BB Cream. xD
Fill in eyebrows!
Start with applying champagne-ish hue on your entire eyelid.
I think the easy secret to smoky eyes is start with the lightest to the darkest shade.
I applied a purple shade on to my lids.
And then applied the darker indigo shade on the outer corners of my eyes and lower lash line.
Used Etude House' Code B Cream liner and used NYC eyeliner at the bottom of water line.
Then apply a light and nude lipstick. Remember, no need to emphasize lips when you have pronounced eye makeup on. :)
Apply on favorite mascara and blush and you're good to go! :)

Curlformers! :)

My mom bought these, they're 12 pieces and are enough for my hair. I rarely use heat to style my hair because of the damage that's why I really get excited when I find ways of curling the hair without any heat!

Here's how they look.
And this is how they look once you put them on your hair. xD
The longer you wait before taking them off, the better and longer lasting results.
I usually put mine when my hair is already dry. Putting them on while hair is wet is also possible but the curls end up to tight like Goldilocks xD

And you can also adjust the curls lower for a more romantic and natural look.

Result after 3 hours and a half. The curls are really big, bouncy and very similar to curling iron effect. Really cute! I took a nap with these on, quite uncomfortable but bearable, if you really want curly hair without damage! XD

Here's some of the tutorials you can view on how to use these: