Friday, March 6, 2009

New Haircut by Mom

(excuse my stupid expressions)

New haircut by mom! My mom is really not that Pro but I feel safer if shes the one cutting my hair, hehe.. So we kept my original hair length.. and just added layers graduating from my ears-down. I cut my bangs first xD My mom always tell me that I look better without bangs though but I feel like my hair is boring without bangs.. What do you think about my haircut??

I don't have to style it much because my hair is naturally ummm.. thick and got decent volume... So its a wash and wear haircut I can say.. Sometimes I put on velcro rollers on to get the dolly curls style, its really cute. I like my haircut! So yeah, I'm gonna keep my hair like that until its already long.. (remember my goal?) yup like past the elbows haha or maybe shorter..

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lolita Mini Toppers!

Haha, I got addicted making Lolita Top Hats and made a FEW xD
They are made of handpicked satin, laces, beads, fake flower ornaments, feathers, ribbons and cardboard... If people are interested on buying one of them please leave a comment and I will update this topic for the prices and info ^_^

(Please click pictures to enlarge)