Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beach Waves Hair! No Damage and No Heat!

I know there are a lot other similar techniques used by other people, but this is the technique that I use whenever I want to get Beach Wavy hair next morning. So this is an overnight technique. But this can also be achieved beautifully in 3 hours.

First thing to do is to make sure you have shampooed and conditioned your hair.
Then dry it, or leave it slightly damp.
And then braid your hair into pigtails. I really don't know how to do the normal braid as my braid come up inverted as you can see. xD You have to start at the top if you want the waves to start at the top of your hair.
And then secure the braids with elastics. In my case, I slept with my braids overnight.
Braids don't have to be too perfect or parted perfectly so don't make too much effort making it look good unless you want to wear it out as a hairstyle xD.

I don't have results picture immediately after taking off the braids, they're pretty wavy and really cute. These are my photos after 3 hours, my hair look like its naturally wavy xD
Don't forget to apply styling cream/clay/mousse if you like. :)

*Picture SPAM alert* X3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BB Magic Balm and Revlon ColorStay Aqua

Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup
This stuff is magic, when applied it feels like you are applying a cold moisturizer and not mineral powder. Kinda weird but its really cool. xD
It's quite shimmery but I love the micro shimmers because it makes my skin glow.
It has a built in foundation brush style so its no fuss.

My skin is on normal side, I'm not oily or anything. But with the Philippine's weather, skin gets challenged and struggles so sometimes I feel oily. LOL Blah! But with this mineral makeup, a little goes a long way for me I did not have to retouch that much.
I must say that coverage isn't really good if you have a lot of blemishes and dark spots.
But so far it manages to slightly cover my veins, and you can see the shimmer on the picture.
Sometimes I use it alone whenever I feel like going minimal. And sometimes I just use it to brush on my cheeks for the shimmery effect.
I got my BB Magic Balm from Etude House a few months ago, that's why the word Magic and some drawings of stars on the packaging of it already faded. LOL
I must say that this product is really really good! Especially for people who are like me, who doesn't want to get their fingers dirty during makeup application. xD
It comes with a FREE foundation brush.
It's perfect for summer because of the high SPF, it also has good and build-able coverage.
It covers my blemishes and veins. Plus it has subtle pleasant smell. Only downside is takes a while to blend on the skin using its brush.
For these photos I used:
-EH BB Magic Balm + dusted ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup
The second duplicated photos were photoshopped to show the hair color I really want next.
Can't wait to try my Palty Jewelry Ash and Beauty Mauve Mix! XD
Grow hair grow please!

Random product reviews.

I bought these shades from Jellybean, they were on sale. They cost nearly $3.50.
Must bring shades inside your bag everywhere when you go out because they prevent eye wrinkles, dark eye circles, headaches due to sensitivity to light/sun and most importantly, cataract. So ladies, get a very cute pair already! :)
So cute, right? XD
Etude House I'm Fine Eyeliner

I wanted a very black color, but the sales lady gave me a brown one. X.x
Can do a really fine clean line
Nice packaging
Dries quickly
Too expensive
Smudges a litttleee little bit at the end of the day
Goodbye Pore-Ever Pore Primer Stick
This one's really nice, it does execute what it promises for me.
It's suppose to fill in your pores before BBCream/Foundation application to mask the appearance of open pores.
It has a really cute box that I really don't want to throw it away LOL.
It comes in cream form and in stick form, the stick form is cheaper and for me a lot neater to use.
I bought a leave-in hair conditioner/treatment thingy a few days ago. I really want to get serious on taking care of my hair because I am planning on growing it longer like Angelababy's.
My hair became slightly dry after my last hairdye, especially at the ends.
And so far this product works for me.
Doesn't make hair and hands sticky during application.
Nice smell, typical.
It doesn't really wear my hair down, when I dry my hair it still has volume.
Ends feel really smooth and hydrated unlike before.
Hair gets better after each use!
Will repurchase this product!

Cons? Nothing much, really. xD
This is my hair update.
My sweetest online sister always send me stuff especially Etude House products and this is the latest that I love that she gifted to me. Its the Pink water mist. This scent is so me! I love it, it has a sweet florally and powdery scent and it's really girly.


Hey guys, I'm here to share the lip stuff I'm currently loving and been using whenever I go out!

First is the Magic Tint Balm from Etude House. I don't usually wear lipstick when I'm out because they feel so heavy on the lips but I also don't like not having anything on my lips because it makes me look so dead. Lol, so this is what I usually wear.
I love this! Its just a decent lip balm that gives a very pretty tint on the lips. But the tint lasts for hours. It makes my lips soft and it is very easy to put on. :)
Dear Darling Tint Gloss Couple

This is LOVE. It's a lip stain that doesn't just stain the lips but also leave a moisturizing feel
unlike the other lip stain that I've tried, they were just so drying.
This gloss is dual. It has lip stain and lip gloss on each side.
It tastes like strawberries. xD
And I love the lip gloss applicator.

I rarely wear lipstick, but this one is really really lovee! I've always love Revlon's lipsticks, especially their matte lipsticks because they don't flake on me even though I have dry lips. They feel so lightweight and glides on smoothly. I love matte lipsticks.
And this shade is really cute. I love it!
I think i have an old picture wearing that lipstick:

And the Etude House 55 Kissful Tint Chou.

This one is on the glossier side but what's really nice about this one is that once the gloss fades, it leaves the tint behind for hours. It's really pretty. :)

Thank you for reading! XD