Friday, January 2, 2009

Revlon ColorSilk Light Ash Brown.

I've been dying to color my hair again after 3 months now.. And my favorite Dying Kit (since I usually color my own hair at home) is Revlon Colorsilk. My last shade was Medium Brown I think which was pretty but I want to try their Ash brown now xD..

I needed two kits because my hair is longer than shoulder length and also so that the color will be evenly distributed since I have 2 bottles...
I love Ash Brown's my type of Brown (no red/orange tint..more on the pale brownish gray side)

I can't really guide you step by step for hair dying at home since I really did not prepare myself to do so (so sorry!xD) Of course you will have to wear old t-shirt and Towel (ones that you don't really bother if they will stain-because they are gonna stain a lot!), big hair clamp and small one for my bangs.

It's impo
rtant to read the instructions... So first we prepare all the stuff, so we open the boxes and mix what you gotta mix, prepare the extra stuff. I sectioned my hair in four parts and started coloring by part. After I'm done applying the color, I left my hair for almost an hour.

Oh by t
he way! I used to color my hair immediate after Shampoo and drying my hair - which was wrong! You have to wait for 24 hours after shampoo before coloring your hair. It should be still clean and free from other products like heavy conditioner, leave ons, spray, clay, gel, etc. So yeah, I have new color! Bye, bye roots...

My hair has gone lighter xD (I love it, but sometimes it shows a little itsy bitsy orangey hue ~.~" but I know its normal and it will be gone after few washes)

But so far, I love my hair color!
And of course you probably are thinking if my hair gets damaged xD Of course there is possibility and it does get damaged but it has remedy... I just use intense conditioning and also leave on conditioners help.

I know that I said before that I will get my hair colored at Salon but my mom said something like.. Salons here don't give the right color that you actually want.. They give you the wrong color most of the time because they want to finish some stock... So in the end you won't get the result and you won't have any choice but to wear that color for months >.<"

So this is how it looks like under different lighting.

Btw, I got some samples (Skin Food and Etude House :D)

Simple New Year Celebration With My Family.

Our celebration was fun and simple ^.^
My Family ( parents, 2 brothers and grandmother)

We are really newbies when it comes to cooking the turkey >.<" It's our second time cooking it (First was the 2008 New Year)
My mom's plan was to buy ready cooked food for New year's eve but she just realized that cooking experience with us is funner!

So yeah, we had 12 kinds of fruits, Roasted Beef, Roasted Turkey, Fettuccine, Steamed Giant Tilapias, Buko (Coconut) Salad, Ham, Bottle of Wines/Cranberry, etc!

So yeah, it was fun.. All we did is watch TV, eat and laugh until New Year... No fireworks though (because everyone's sissy to do so LOL) I think I slept at 1:30am because I was so sleepy already.

xD Hehe, my dad was super "in the mood for pictures" that night...
So was mom (xD So beautiful even without the slightest bit of makeup)

I made little New Year's resolution!

1. I will try to minimize eating rice and pork..
2. Try my best to exercise at least (like running LOL)
3. Make moooore moneyz so I can contribute more and buy what I want (hehe..not all the time though!)
4. Make more friends. (I am such a hermit)
5. Be wiser.
6. Grow my hair long like elbow length xD

So yeah, wish me luck for this year and I will wish you all the best luck! Happy New year everyone!!!