Wednesday, September 24, 2008

♥Circle Lens, Bigger and Brighter Eyes!♥

I am so happy! Yesterday (11:30am), I just received the 2 pairs of circle lenses (GEO Ash and Honey Wing) I ordered from De Moi, Pour Vous.

In case you are wondering what circle lenses are, they are like ordinary colored contact lenses except they are bigger than the normal size of your iris. They also have bigger holes in the middle that makes your pupil look like dilated. So what you get when you wear them is that they tend to make your eyes bigger and brighter just like babies'.

I have small eyes and small double eyelids and I want them to appear bigger and brighter, I just wanna see how they'll turn out! I got super interested and bought 2 pairs right away as soon as I received my salary. I just can't wait to try them on. I'll post pictures of me wearing them don't worry ^.^

This is the first time that I've bought something online, it's very easy pala! I bought a Brown and Grey Circle Lenses just to be safe that they won't overwhelm my whole appearance. If I like them, I will collect Blues, Greens, Violets and will probably try on the anime style ^___^

And since its also my first time to wear circle lenses or any contact lenses, I pretty made sure I have researched enough on how to wear and clean them properly.

Oh yeah I found a picture of a girl wearing circle lenses on Google, just see the difference before and after she put on the circle lenses.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Super Miss ♥Singapore♥

It's been almost a month since we went to Singapore now.
And I super miss the country! If I'll just disregard the high cost of living there compared to Philippines, I will totally consider living there for good.

Well anyways, I really enjoyed the tour with mom, my big bro and big bro's girl best friend. It was super fun, thinking of the place and experiences we had there just now makes me so TT_TT

I'll definitely come back there when I become super rich! Okay, I'm gonna share some of the most beautiful experiences we had experienced in Singapore.

It's so amazing that almost everyone in Singapore is so fashionable, the girls can wear false eyelashes everyday and pretty short dresses when in fact if we wear those styles here in Philippines, people are gonna go >_> "Are you gonna go to a party?" which sucks.

I never did like Beaches until I saw the man-made beaches in Sentosa Island. ^.^ Soooo pretty and romantic.

I almost drooled and cried when I saw few shops that sell Gothic Lolita Clothes! It's so frustrating! In my mind I was like "When am I gonna be able to afford even one piece of clothing there, gosh." I asked the price of this Black and Red Lolita style kimono dress and it costs $149 in Php it's 6,705,

Visit this link to view the photos from Singapore:

♥My Facts (For IMVU People Only)♥

Okay, instead of writing these all over my homepage, I'm just gonna write them here. ^_^

For those of you who doesn't know yet, I am ClearWing, FlyGirlFly and D0W (all at the same person)
♥I am a very considerate person, but once you go overboard you're gonna regret it *evil laugh*
♥I don't accept requests of any kind.
I may not reply on your messages for more than a day, due to my being so busy, sickness or stress.
♥I may not reply at all if the message is just about "Hi ClearWing, I love your products!" because you already know my response for that and my response is..."Thank you very much! I am so glad you appreciate the products :)" Yeah, from the bottom of my heart, its really true.
Sometimes I am in the mood for replying even on the most nonsense message xD I am fickle like that.
♥I might do requests for tutorials, but not regarding skinning.
Questions regarding what accessories, hair, eyes I was wearing on a particular preview product image will be ignored.
♥You may add me as a buddy even without asking for my permission ^_^ I go on my account sometimes to accept all Buddies Requests.

♥My Very First Post!♥

(Tuesday) 23rd of September, 2008.

After searching for cool and free blog sites on the net, I finally found Blogger and a fun layout to match! I am really getting tired of friend-making-sites, seriously.

Well I'm going to start now by introducing myself.

My nicknames are Oyen (most people know me by this name, especially online), Orange (most of my relatives call me by this) and Jeanne (which is more formal for me)
I am 20 years old and I am from Philippines.

I usually spend most of my time on my laptop because of my games and my developing work.
I don't think I am not that outgoing but I can be sometimes. I am just a homebuddy. I love learning interesting stuff regarding arts, music, fashion, conspiracies, supernaturals and stuff.

I have many frustrations in life and one of them includes painting, photography and playing musical instruments like piano. I am currently, well not that I have started now... But I might officially start saving for a Canon SLR next year. If I am really lucky and if there is a miracle, somebody please just give it to me! LOL.

So yeah, I also love Singapore... it's such a pretty cool country to visit (only very expensive) I'll post another blogpost about that later.

Designing, Singing, Reading, Movies, Fashion, Disney Princesses, Marie (Aristocats), Hello Kitty (Sanrio), Himegyaru, Gothic Lolita, FOB, Tokyo, circle lenses, Soompie Forums, Italian and Japanese Foods, Photoshop, Beauty, Traveling, Games (Highstreet5), IMVU, Cute, Girly, etc

Favorite TV Shows
Gilmore Girls, Lost, Roswell, Scrubs, Firefly, MadTV, The Tyra Banks Show, etc

Favorite Movies
Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Serenity, Hannibal Lekter's Movies, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, V for Vendetta, The Prestige, Constantine, Wedding Planner, Spanglish, Mean Creek, Bridge to Terabethia, Red Eye, etc

Well anyway, if you continue on following my nonsense blogposts you will find out the rest information about me.

So "Hooray for my very first blog post!"