Wednesday, September 24, 2008

♥Circle Lens, Bigger and Brighter Eyes!♥

I am so happy! Yesterday (11:30am), I just received the 2 pairs of circle lenses (GEO Ash and Honey Wing) I ordered from De Moi, Pour Vous.

In case you are wondering what circle lenses are, they are like ordinary colored contact lenses except they are bigger than the normal size of your iris. They also have bigger holes in the middle that makes your pupil look like dilated. So what you get when you wear them is that they tend to make your eyes bigger and brighter just like babies'.

I have small eyes and small double eyelids and I want them to appear bigger and brighter, I just wanna see how they'll turn out! I got super interested and bought 2 pairs right away as soon as I received my salary. I just can't wait to try them on. I'll post pictures of me wearing them don't worry ^.^

This is the first time that I've bought something online, it's very easy pala! I bought a Brown and Grey Circle Lenses just to be safe that they won't overwhelm my whole appearance. If I like them, I will collect Blues, Greens, Violets and will probably try on the anime style ^___^

And since its also my first time to wear circle lenses or any contact lenses, I pretty made sure I have researched enough on how to wear and clean them properly.

Oh yeah I found a picture of a girl wearing circle lenses on Google, just see the difference before and after she put on the circle lenses.

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Circle Lenses said...

Great post! I've never seen this type of circle lens before, only the Geo ones. But this one looks nice too. Thanks for all the information. Your post is very informative ^_^ Love ya~~~