Saturday, December 6, 2008

Recent Stuff <3

Vintage Nerdy Glasses are trendy right now! Couldn't find the wayfer style ones around at at SM, so I just settled on these pair. They are available in 3 colors: dark blue, brown and black. So I got the brown one... xD

Guess how much? $2.5!!!
It's really hard for me to find eyeglasses that fits my face, I hate that.. But the first time I tried this and looked in the mirror I was like "Woah! They are big.. but they look very cool!" My mom and dad actually thought that I kinda look adorable in them (teehee!) I'll post pictures of me wearing them sometime (of course, promise!)

So yeah, I picked the brown one because black will be too common, and brown has more vintagey vibe. It's like picking brown eyeliner instead of black xD
Checkered/Tartan printed clothes are so "in" this season! Just last two weeks ago I bought 3 tops.

As mom and I were strolling on Nepo Mall (LOL) We saw a lot of pretty tartan clothes, some of them are blindingly very kawaii!!!

Then I got my eyes glued on this pr
etty dress, the first time I saw it I knew it's going to be mine...

Its only availabe in 2 colors, this one (blue) and green. I love the blue one, it also comes with the pretty black belt.

Good thing it fitted on me because it only has 1 size available (YAY!) I wonder when I should wear it...

I feel like wearing it with stockings or heels or black boots! Its so versatile I can wear it with a tank top underneath and leave some buttons unbuttoned.

And the skirt part is very cute, its layered xD

Mom gave me this handbag-she said that its her advance Christmas present! I am a first time bag lover and currently own 2 bags only at the moment. xD

I love its smallish size, perfect for the things I usually bring like money and beauty stuff LOL

It's Jimmy Choo :D


IchigoBunnie said...

O.O!! that dress. its so pretty =O!!

and your purse is so cute! man i needa get me more purses...i only got 2 "functional" purses and they're starting to feel heavy..

oh btw, i found you through soompi :) I really like your blog ^_^

clear♥wing said...

Thank you ^_^ Welcome to my blogspot!

sisa said...

orange it's me sisa (2nd yr. hs)

I like the dress. it's so cute.

Risse said...

Very cute dress! And the purse is small but still cute. :) And SM?! Do you happen to be from the Philippines, m'dear? :O

Oyen said...

Thank you Risse ^_^ Yes I live in the Philippines :D

Bernice said...

ooh! that dress is soo soo cute!
I love it!!

where did you buy that dress? :)