Wednesday, December 3, 2008

YAY! My DHC Cleansing Oil Arrived In A Mail Today!

After reading so many good reviews about this award winning product, I decided to get one on Ebay because I had extra money that I can use for myself ^_^

DHC Cleansing Oil, is more of a makeup remover. My current makeup remover isn't good enough. It's from The Face Shop though- but it doesn't get rid of everything easily. I wanted to try this DHC Cleansing Oil. Well DHC is a Japanese Brand and it has Olive Oil in it, so I guess its not only good on getting rid of the dirt and makeup but also it leaves good benefits on your skin - I hope so...

This is quite expensive, bought it for $17 on Ebay almost 2 weeks ago I think. And it just arrived today from Hong Kong.

Weeeheee~ xD

Oooh.. I think this is 200 ml

Meh~ I wish I can read.

So yey~ I tried it today, I used it even though I didn't wear makeup though. And at first, it was all really greasy and yucky- it's like cooking oil on your face, and I thought that its going to be really tough removing it with water. But I was wrong, the water washed it away completely with the dirt!

I think this stuff is amazing.. I haven't got any allergic reactions so far. It leaves skin so clean and feeling BABY SMOOTH.

This is how I used it actually, I pumped a little amount of it on my dry hands and massaged it around my face (dry) for like 3 minutes... And then just washed my face when I was done, easy as that. The oil doesn't sit on your face even after you wash your face. <3

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Anonymous said...

Whoopie~I thought DHC was from Korea..
cause I often see Korean stars in the I know,haha~thanks!