Sunday, November 30, 2008

DHC Eyelash Tonic

I heard about this product on Soompi and decided to buy it online since its impossible to find it here in the Philippines.

It has mix reviews from people who uses it.

DHC Eyelash Tonic - its suppose to make your eyelashes grown longer and thicker in just weeks. I hated my eyelashes because they hardly exist. But when I started using this product (I apply it morning and evening) I noticed that my lashes are growing! And also thicker.. it works especially on my bottom lashes. I don't have a BEFORE picture, though.

But the thing about this product is that the liquid gets cloudy after some days. I still use it.


yda said...

hello oyen! where did you buy your DHC eyelash tonic? could you pls send me the link? TIA!

clear♥wing said...

On Ebay :)

Qiuting said...

Hey Babe, do drop by
sometimes =)

feifei said...

hi oyen! i found ur blog from soompi! keep doing this make up reviews! i love this things~ i tried this before, its okay. but not too much difference. i bought an expensive eyelash tonic from TALIKA:
and its great great! it lengthen up my eyelashes 200% no kidding. but its quite expensive. 43 AUD.. talika is specialized for eye products, its from paris! u should give it a try if ure interested in making ur eyelashes longer ^^

clear♥wing said...

Woah , sounds like a really good product! But it's expensive for me >_< I will SAVE UP FOR IT, FEI <3

Anonymous said...

hey feifei what product did you buy on talikas homepage lipocils expert or eyelash lipocils??