Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Egg White Mask

I heard this on Soompi (again)... and I've been doing it for weeks now. Thrice a week. And it really does wonders on my skin ever since! I swear!

All you just gotta do is get an egg, extract the egg whites only.

Beat it on the bowl until its foamy and yucky, and then put it on your clean dry face like a mask. Leave on for 15 minutes. It does good on your skin like:

1. Whitens
2. Makes your skin firmer
3. Evens out skintone naturally
4. Improves pores and skin texture

Aaah! Good old home remedies never hurt to try. I'm gonna be doing this thing for the rest of my life :D


Anonymous said...

i tried this "thingy" a couple of times when i was in college... yeah, i agree! it really works! but the smell is soooo malansa at di masarap ang lasa ng fried egg yolk na walang white! hehehe!


clear♥wing said...

yeah its really malansa xD Welcome to my blog tilay!