Sunday, December 7, 2008

Celeteque Water Based Moisturizer

Celeteque Water-Based Moisturizer contains a combination of humectants occlusive moisturizers, which dermatologists believe to be essential ingredients in skin moisturization. Lastly, studies (medically administered and consumer usage tests showed that Celeteque Water-Based Moisturizer smoothen rough and dry skin.

This is my current moisturizer and been using it for 4 days now. I love it! It's not oily or sticky, very light and it hydrates my skin very well. I use this after applying my Quick and Clean Toner. I really don't have sensitive skin and I don't have that much skin problems like pimples and stuff. So I guess I can recommend this to anyone who has quite good skin to start with because all it does is moisturize, it doesn't have that much healing properties. However, because its water based and oil free, it won't aggreviate pimples if ever. :D

I also have this weird thinking or maybe its just psychological, that moisturizers that are creamy and white are causing white heads... I don't know. So with this Celeteque moisturizer, its clear liquid gel like form.

It provides a good base before foundation, but unlike other moisturizers, it won't feel heavy with makeup at all because its water based.

Celeteque is a UNILAB Product and it is available in drugstores and Watson's all over the Philippines for Php170 / $2.7 (approximately)


Emmy said...

Nobody commented :o

I foudn this review very hepful and informative, please do more reviews in the future! All of your recommendations are soo good xD

shorty, jc said... has sunscreen? or does it protect you from UV rays of the sun?

LadySephiroth said...

may i ask something? you said that its a good base for foundation, doesn't it feel sticky? or doesn't it clogged pores? i really want to try this but i usually use facial powder and im afraid if i use this together with my powder, it will give me a sticky and uneasy feeling...

Christine :) said...

heyyy. i searched celeteque over google and it gave me a link to your blog. i'm using the same moisturizer too. :) can i ask you one thing? what facial wash do you use? thanks :)