Thursday, December 4, 2008

Basic Black Circle Lens

Hooray! I finally got basic black circle lens :) A lot of my friends were asking about my recent photos on Friendster, they said that there's something pretty weird about them LOL. I have huge black iris!

I was wearing circle lenses, while camwhoring that time. I was making a review for Soompi's Circle Lens Thread. If you're asking about the name of the Circle lens, they are from GEO (CK-105)

When I saw them on the bottle, I thought that they were really big. For their comfort I would say, they are "very" comfortable, its like wearing nothing at all. They never slide off, I've worn them for more than 8 hours and didn't sting my eyes. I rate them 10/10.

I love how clean they look, and how they don't completely cover the natural eye color. They are my favorite pair yet!

Some people might think black circle lenses will make you look alien like, haha! especially in the Philippines because there are only few people who knows about them and actually wears them, I think I would have to start blaming myself if my friends start wearing circle lenses.

Extreme flash, this is the real pattern of CK 105.

Behold! My Ulzzang Inspired Cam whoring Session

LOL, I kinda looked like that weird girl from YouTube (Magibon) here...


!Lei said...

They look really natural! O.o Do they ever feel too big for your eyes or something? o.O?

that's a pretty shade of lipstick/gloss, what's the brand and color? :3

clear♥wing said...

Nope, I wear them and don't feel anything at all. But I guess it depends, because it seems uncomfy on my friend.

My lipstick is an in 2 it brand.. I forgot the shade its kinda pinkish red, let me check out later xD

!Lei said...

Lucky you then. D: I hope I it's not uncomfortable on my part.

Wait, the name of the lipstick brand is "in 2 it"? o.O? Do tell me the shade! ^_^

mummynat said...

love the way the first pic is very Ulzzang, the the last one looks classic. Very nice

Oyen said...


The lipstick is from in 2 it (Lasting Colour Lipstick) DL 04 Flambe,


Thanks, I saw your black lenses, are they also Ck 105? xD I noticed they have similar pattern

mummynat said...

My blacks are BT01, but alot of the blacks are very much alike. My friends has BT01 and ifax black and could wear one of each and you wouldn't notice.

!Lei said...

Thanks a lot Oyen! ^^
I should really have RSS feed on your blog to see when you reply. xD

btw, is in 2 it a brand you can find in a mall randomly (like Maybelline, revlon, L'oreal..) or they have to be in certain departments like Rustans/Beauty bar ( Smashbox, Nars, Makeup Forever, MAC)?

Makeup is so hard to find here. Well, decent ones anyway. xD

Oh, another thing, does your eyesight ever get blurry from taking out the lenses? Do you get red eyes from using them too? *haha, I'm collecting as much opinions as I can. xD*

Oyen said...

in 2 it brand is everywhere xD like on SM Department Stores.. I like their eyeshadows, cheap. I don't think its a local brand though.

My eyes don't get blurry with circle lenses in general. They get red when I didn't clean them enough or if I am not used to the solution.

One time i forgot to put lenses on before makeup, so after I put make up on, I struggled putting on my lenses, they got tiny powdery bits on it.. causing my eyes to become red and sting >.<

Anonymous said...

I always wonder how you take the lenses off....and also how you put them on right....o_O

kat said...

hi! hehe i love my black circle lens and i wear it to school! yeah its true not much people in philippines wear circle lens unlike korea and japan. I've been getting weird stares from people. :) Mine's CM-836 and i think yours has a more natural effect.

ria said...

where did you buy the circle lenses here philippines? and how much were they?

Anonymous said...

Hi! ^_^ So, I was searching on black circle lenses and it happens that I came up to ur site... :)
Please....Can u give me a piece of advice? I really want to purchase black contacts and I have trouble choosing between ck101 and ck109 (GEO contact lens). I'm really looking for a more natural look and somehow I don't want to end up having an "alien like" eye. Please help. Thanks. ^_^