Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Super Miss ♥Singapore♥

It's been almost a month since we went to Singapore now.
And I super miss the country! If I'll just disregard the high cost of living there compared to Philippines, I will totally consider living there for good.

Well anyways, I really enjoyed the tour with mom, my big bro and big bro's girl best friend. It was super fun, thinking of the place and experiences we had there just now makes me so TT_TT

I'll definitely come back there when I become super rich! Okay, I'm gonna share some of the most beautiful experiences we had experienced in Singapore.

It's so amazing that almost everyone in Singapore is so fashionable, the girls can wear false eyelashes everyday and pretty short dresses when in fact if we wear those styles here in Philippines, people are gonna go >_> "Are you gonna go to a party?" which sucks.

I never did like Beaches until I saw the man-made beaches in Sentosa Island. ^.^ Soooo pretty and romantic.

I almost drooled and cried when I saw few shops that sell Gothic Lolita Clothes! It's so frustrating! In my mind I was like "When am I gonna be able to afford even one piece of clothing there, gosh." I asked the price of this Black and Red Lolita style kimono dress and it costs $149 in Php it's 6,705,

Visit this link to view the photos from Singapore:http://flickr.com/photos/clearwing/sets/72157606498437841/

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squishedpuppy said...

Hey, I'm from Singapore!
Linked your blog from Soompi since I love your tutorials and have been trying out the rag one - it works!!!!
Haha.. we have nothing against pretty dresses. In fact I'm an LBD junkie myself! But the fake eyelashes kind of scare me. But that's my problem. =P

Come to Singapore again! We can be makeup and skincare junkies (: