Tuesday, September 23, 2008

♥My Very First Post!♥

(Tuesday) 23rd of September, 2008.

After searching for cool and free blog sites on the net, I finally found Blogger and a fun layout to match! I am really getting tired of friend-making-sites, seriously.

Well I'm going to start now by introducing myself.

My nicknames are Oyen (most people know me by this name, especially online), Orange (most of my relatives call me by this) and Jeanne (which is more formal for me)
I am 20 years old and I am from Philippines.

I usually spend most of my time on my laptop because of my games and my developing work.
I don't think I am not that outgoing but I can be sometimes. I am just a homebuddy. I love learning interesting stuff regarding arts, music, fashion, conspiracies, supernaturals and stuff.

I have many frustrations in life and one of them includes painting, photography and playing musical instruments like piano. I am currently, well not that I have started now... But I might officially start saving for a Canon SLR next year. If I am really lucky and if there is a miracle, somebody please just give it to me! LOL.

So yeah, I also love Singapore... it's such a pretty cool country to visit (only very expensive) I'll post another blogpost about that later.

Designing, Singing, Reading, Movies, Fashion, Disney Princesses, Marie (Aristocats), Hello Kitty (Sanrio), Himegyaru, Gothic Lolita, FOB, Tokyo, circle lenses, Soompie Forums, Italian and Japanese Foods, Photoshop, Beauty, Traveling, Games (Highstreet5), IMVU, Cute, Girly, etc

Favorite TV Shows
Gilmore Girls, Lost, Roswell, Scrubs, Firefly, MadTV, The Tyra Banks Show, etc

Favorite Movies
Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Serenity, Hannibal Lekter's Movies, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, V for Vendetta, The Prestige, Constantine, Wedding Planner, Spanglish, Mean Creek, Bridge to Terabethia, Red Eye, etc

Well anyway, if you continue on following my nonsense blogposts you will find out the rest information about me.

So "Hooray for my very first blog post!"

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Hooray :D