Thursday, December 11, 2008

Struggle for Perfect Skin

I can say that my skin has improved a lot by the time I really got obsessed about it- but I am still trying to achieve super smooth, flawless, poreless (xD), porcelain skin...but with limited budget! >_<

(Please Excuse my weird pictures, I didn't put makeup on, no PS too)

I don't have perfect skin yet.. My skin is combination of oily and dry.
Sometimes I get bumps.. and whenever I get pimples, they leave marks - that are very hard to get rid of. I also hate that my under eyes (they get dark and baggy easily) What I use for my skin:

I exfoliate twice a week with St. Ives Apricott Scrub.
I do egg white mask twice a week.
I use DHC Cleansing Oil as makeup remover (I love it!)
Kojic Acid Soap as my face soap. But when I feel like my skin is dry I use a The milky foamy face wash from Loreal after I use the Kojic Acid Soap. After that, I apply toner, The Face Shop's Quick and Clean Toner...(Yawn) Then moisturize with Celeteque (for night) and Olay White Radiance (for day) and then use Olay Total Effects Eye Cream.

I must say that the Eye Cream really works! I've been using it for some weeks now, and I noticed the changes on under my eyes, believe it or not, I have tiny lines. But they are now fading and lightening. The only off about this is that it has weird smell xD


Koko said...

I am also trying to achieve the "perfect skin" as you say.

I use Paula's Choice products and so far my blemishes have faded a little bit. Not much though =/

I also hate it when I get a pimple... they leave a red mark that takes forever to fade haha... patience! :)

Your skin is looking good!!

Charlee Delta said...

Hey, you're too young to put all these cream all over ur face..pota ma damage ya ing face mu...But I have to say "shiseido products" are the best for asian complexion. Estee Lauder and Cristian Dior are quite strong for me..(btw- I love ur site..)

Ate Ces.

Koko said...

I agree with Charlee.
I used to put many cream and more... on my skin and had a horrible breakout after... (My skin is acne-prone) but I think it depends on each person's skin type. But for me, it went wrong. @_@ Right now, all is good though hehe :)

clear♥wing said...

Hi Ate Ces.. ^_^ I've heard Shiseido has really good skincare products (specially sa whitening), pero too expensive for me D:

Is 20 still young po? I also heard that, its better to start using anti aging products at 20--up.

One time, I simplified my skin care routine,like putting only moisturizer, but it made me break out >.< I guess my skin is used to all the products LOL

Koko said...

Most people I talk to say that we can use anti-aging product from 20 (even 18..) and up haha. So I think it's not a problem and it's never too soon I think! :)

Hmm, I think it's not about using many products... but what ingredients are in the product! that's what make us breakout! @_@ ahh.. :P

clear♥wing said...

LOl yeah, its really frustrating eh?

Koko said...

Yes, it is! *sighs*

tuniez83 said...

honey, you have such a perfect natural skin. I have to agree with both Charlee and koko. Too much products make ur skin unable to breath. But I noticed that you use just only cream right?

But I don't really get along with olay. When I was ur age I used to have lots of pimples using Olay product so I quite.

IchigoBunnie said...

it's definitely alright to use anti-aging stuff early.

for acne, my dermatologist prescribed me Retin-A micro long time ago. yes, it was for acne, but Retin-A is also prescribed for getting rid of SEVERE wrinkles that regular drugstore brands can't do. So i used retin-a when i was in middle school, and if i could use it, then the anti-aging stuff shouldn't be bad.

retinol is just merely an exfoliator to get off the dead skin cells (it's the pure form of vitamin A).

but yea, too much on your face isn't good, BUT if your face likes it and you are seeing very good results, i honestly don't see it as something horrible. we're just looking out for you =)

and thanks for sharing with us your eye cream product you use. I'll definitely take a look into that.

clear♥wing said...

Thank you girls ^_^

I use two creams for day and night. But, I want to find a moisturizer thats good enough for day and night already since i don't go out that much. My mom buys Olay but she ends up being allergic so I get to use them xD But Ponds gives me pimples D:

mummynat said...

I liked the st.ives scrub, but have found the olay thermal skin polisher better, you might want to try it when your st.ives runs out. I have found it to help with the marks and blemishes left's really helped to even my skin tone and rid me of little scars.
Man i need a good eye cream, maybe someone will get me one for xmas lol.
Also for skin, evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil suppliments are great :)

Chama said...

*smiles* ^-^ They are not weird, Oyen-chan, they are pretty. Natural is best. =) Photoshopping is fun and all, but it's nice to see what you truly look like without make-up or computer edits. I hope I was not mean! >0< I didn't mean to be~!

Anonymous said...

You still use kojic soap? Isn't it too harsh for the face? What brand do you use?