Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Christmas Presents From Parents & Friends!

First of all I would like to greet everyone a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" xD Sorry, I've never been posting because of business. Hehe, better late than never... It's Christmas the whole December in Philippines anyway, xD
So I just want to share the gifts my parents gave me this Christmas <3

My mom got me a bottle of Victoria's Secret's Back to PINK... I love the smell so much, I sprayed it on last night after showered until now I can smell the sweet scent of it...

My mom knows that I am not a fan of Fruity (I like citrus but I am talking about Melon, pineapple, cucumber scent LOL) Scents and Flowery scents.. So I really like this, its very appealing, it smells so cute and just right for my age.

Dad got me an awesome computer microphone, for recording vocals and stuff, I like singing... xD
And he gave it to me so I can record in better quality and so I won't have to wear the headset. It's so cute ^.^ I love my parents, they sure are weird sometimes but I love them xD

Also I would love to thank Ate Grace, Tilay and Ate Kei-Jei (Singapore)
for their gifts... ^.^

Thanks Ate Grace for the package... I received stuff from Japan from her..A long sleeve shirt, a white dress, hello kitty mini stuff and a Christmas Card with Mariah Carey's perfume sprayed on it! Thanks!
Tilay (Elaine) for the very useful gifts, a vO5 Curl enhancer mousse (I Love this stuff!), Grey Eyeliner and a cellphone charm ^_^

And Kei-Jei, who's always been so generous to me ever since we met and hanged out at Singapore last August! She gave very cute leg warmers, Thigh high socks, French Manicure Set and Spa Kit! Thank you so much.... :D It's sad that I didn't get to see you when you visited Philippines... I didn't get to give you a present too T~T I really want to give you badly.. xD

Gifts doesn't have to be expensive, its the thought that really counts no matter how lame that sounds (LOL).
It's nice to give gifts from the heart and see people happy, its the essence of gift giving during Christmas.. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and please share what your parents gave you this Christmas? xD


tuniez83 said...

really nice gift, kinda jealous now LOL

tuniez83 said...

Came to say. Happy New Year 2009 .
Wishing you all the best. Keep posting girl. I'll be reading always.

Anonymous said...

how about gifts from other peeps?? hehehe!


Oyen said...

Thank you so much Tune.
And Tilay, thanks so much for the gifts ^.^ xD

I'm going to edit the post, hehe...

Anonymous said...

hahaha! anyway, happy new year Dora!