Saturday, December 27, 2008

HerBench's Pretty When Pinched

This lip and cheek tint fro HerBench (costs around $2+) is a must have for every girl who just wants a very natural flushed cheeks and cherry lips look...

It is oil free so it decreases the possibility of having pimples when using it.
It only comes in one color though... which is like a color of red wine, but don't worry it won't look as harshly pigmented once you put it on your cheeks and lips.

I remember using the old package of it when I was in highschool, it used to be in Tube and only a cheek tint which is sooo hard to blend on cheeks especially when put over powder, it creates a very ugly effect. But they improved the product now, its more liquid and easier to blend on cheeks. I put mine usually after I put foundation on... Just make sure you blend it quickly, because it will create weird marks on your cheek if you leave it for long... and just blend it with your fingers.

It looks so natural on your lips and cheek. You won't feel like you are wearing lipgloss or lipstick at all. You still feel your own lips, very light.
And your cheeks won't look all powdery at all, just naturally blushed. ^.^


Anonymous said...

hahaha! it looks like a nail polish now!


tuniez83 said...

I wanna try this. Very cute tint color so pinky natural. Yeah, just like other a nail polish but just love it. Not sell in Thailand though

Diane said...

hey there!
Found you on soompi and then followed you here! Where can I purchase this?? I really want one.

Anonymous said...

The very first blush I used was Herbench's Pretty When Pinched. But it was in a tube then, and it was a cream blush. So I was surprised to see this version. Is the cream one removed in the store already?

-Nerie (jangneri@soompi)

miemiemie said...

ooh cool, i never tried this from bench..hehe takot kasi ako baka it might break me out..

!Lei said...

I wanna try this! :3
Thanks for the recommendation!
I hope it doesn't break me out XD;; Oh well, it's cheap anyways...I can always give it to my mom or my sis. xD
btw, have you ever tried the hair perfume in bench? o_o?

Ai.Pro said...

OH! I think my friend has this~ IT's pretty good & awesome. When i first saw it I thought "OMG! ur putting nail polish on ur lips XD" hahha maybe I should try it. This for the rep~


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been using this product when I was still in Philippines (the tube version). I've been searching for this everywhere but I can't find it. Can you tell me where can I order this product? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm irene from indonesia. I've just recently heard about prettywhenpinched cheek lokks so natural. may i know where to buy it online?tx

Vanessa Rosete said...

It's a pretty good investment for beauty's sake.

Thank you for posting this, it really helped me a lot.:) I've been trying to find more about 'pretty when pinched', siyempre I want to google the product first before spending my money on it.